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Sears, Susan Jungle Quicksand Science
Ever get a Sinking Feeling? Come learn about quicksand, that strange "solid ground" that isn't. Make your own ooey, gooey quicksand and test it out on some unlucky jungle critters. How can we escape from quicksand? Do you know the trick of making a liquid into a solid just by tapping it? Take home your own quicksand sample... if you escape!
$101- $200
Bureau, Sandra Fizz Boom Read: Thunderstorms Nature- Environment,
Thunderstorms--You experience this BOOM created by static electricity. Learn the secrets of lightening--create your own and thunder--who can create the biggest boom?
$101- $200
Bureau, Sandra Fizz Boom Read: Fizzy Water Nature- Environment,
FIZZING can take place every time it rains! Learn about the chemistry of acids and water and the reactions it can have with metals, rocks and lots of other stuff. Wear play clothes ‘cause its going to be messy!
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Helter Skelter: Underground Forces and Fun Fair Science Science
Become a structural engineer; design a roller coaster ride using the earth's gravity to make a marble roll over enough twists and turns to make your hair stand on end.
$101- $200
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Magnetic Attraction (Preschool Workshop) Other,
**Magnetic Attraction** Experience the poles and power of magnets in this hands-on workshop that even provides children with the opportunity to make their own magnet to take home. These are programs specifically designed for children ages 3 and 4, and take place at your location. Our only requirements are: a room that can be darkened if needed, with tables and chairs where the children can work comfortably; a small table to set up our equipment and access to water and electricity. The children perform experiments, participate in demonstrations and, for most workshops, there is a take home item for each child at the end of the program.
$101- $200
Crocitto, John CroZoo Creepy and Freaky Friends Safari Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
This is a brand new CroZoo offering, Creepy and Freaky Friends and The World of Amphibians and Reptiles have merged to form the CroZoo Creepy and Freaky Friends Safari. Brand new format and presentation, same exciting CroZoo enthusiasm and style. Our two most popular shows are now one, allowing the ultimate audience hands on learning experience around! In this program we are dealing with all things amphibian, bug and reptile be prepared to learn while you squirm! And yeah, you can quote us on that one. If you are looking for frogs, lizards, millipedes, snakes, spiders and turtles...look no further than the CroZoo Creepy and Freaky Friends Safari.
$101- $200
1, Mad Science Under Pressure Science
Under Pressure teaches the basics of air pressure through demonstrations and activities of Bernoulli's Principle and Newton's Laws of Motion. Students will be challenged to stop and consider air, its effects on our surroundings and its significance to us and to life on Earth. The focus will then turn to air pressure beginning with a fun demonstration that illustrates the concept of unbalanced pressures.
$201- $350
Berlin, Jan The Unhuggables Disability Awareness,
Nature- Animals,
Live animals who are often considered unattractive or unsavory are the highlight of this program that focuses on the importance of respect for all life. Creatures are still valuable world residents even if they aren't cuddly. Puppets, display boards, and assorted props make this a fun, entertaining, and educational program.
$101- $200
Corcoran, Mary Gone Missing - Nutmeg the Dog Science
Nutmeg, the dog, has gone missing. Students work in groups, using genetic traits, fingerprints, simple chemistry, density, and other clues, to find out who might have taken her. Once the mystery is solved, they find Nutmeg is fine!
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Un-Frog-get-able Frogs Nature- Animals,
Jump, eat and swim like a frog. Learn about these burrowing noise makers and their webs through stories, crafts and songs.
$101- $200
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Records  91-100 of 389
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