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Blon, Maria Do what you Value! Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other
Do what you Value! In order to live from your authentic self, you need to know and feel your core values. During this class, you will discover your values and use them to create a purpose board to guide your life. •Introductions •I lead everyone in a short guided meditation. •Each person shares what they experienced. •We form a circle and take turns making up movements to go with music. •We play a game which helps people to prioritize their values. •Using paper, pictures and markers, each person creates a purpose board based on the values that are most important to them. •Each person shares their purpose board and explains its meaning. •We watch an inspirational video, called, "The List". •Sharing of learning and what each person will bring into their life.
$101- $200
Calamia, Maureen NEW! Introduction to Dowsing and Working with Energy Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Nature- Environment
In this workshop you will make your own set of dowsing rods and learn the basics of dowsing including working with human energy, energy from indoor spaces and with natural earth energy. We will have an overview of geopathic stress, how it affects your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and how you can detect it in your space. Most importantly, you will learn how your own energy affects everything you do and everyone and every space you come into contact with. Dowsing is an ancient practice, originally used (and still used to this day!) to detect water in the ground. However, the practice of dowsing is a pathway to learn about your spiritual self. Bring a pair of wire hangers that you’ll use to create your own rods.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Milk and Cookies Before Bed!! Life Skills- Food
We will make the cookies, you supply the milk before bed! Create star, moon and cloud cookies using a mixture of fondant, butter cream and royal icing, lots of sprinkles and a fun time for all. Everyone goes home with 6 fully decorated cookies.
$201- $350
Yacovella, Joanne Mother Goose is on the Loose: Caring and Sharing (ages 3-5) Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Dance
Join Mother Goose as she presents songs that encourage self-esteem and caring for others.
$201- $350
Gifford, Terrie Improv Workshop and Showcase for Teens Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Four workshops (one per week)and a fifth session (show open to the public). (All approx. 90 mins.) Workshop consists of inter-active exercises and activities designed to foster cooperation, team work and confidence. Many of the games are similar to "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Any teen interested in comedy/theater/public speaking or communications would enjoy this program.
$351- $500
Giouvalakis, Kathy DIY Painted Mugs Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts,
Visual Arts- Other
Have fun using specific markers that won't wash away, scrapbooking letters and assorted designs to personalize a mug. They can monogram or design with flowers, words, stripes, and much more.
$101- $200
Basini, Lisa Chocolate Pudding in A Cloud Parfait Life Skills- Food
Whip topping with shake and make chocolate pudding. Add fresh strawberries or bananas and chocolate syrup! MMMMMMM. Eat it in or if you can resist take it home!!
$201- $350
Doherty, Laura Laura Doherty - Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Food,
Here's a program Laura did for the City of Chicago library summer reading program, Summer 2012. (at 30 city branches). HEALTY BEATS: A FAMILY MUSIC PROGRAM FOR ACTIVE KIDS AND PARENTS This upbeat interactive concert will have your kids singing and dancing along to Laura's catchy folk-pop tunes that focus on eating healthy and being active. Laura's original songs like "Farmer's Market" and "Vegetable Party" explore fresh foods at your local farmer's market, or the ones you grown in your own backyard! Get movin' and groovin' with Laura's "El Train" and "Hula Hoop" song, and tappin' and clappin' to some traditional favorites. For 13 years Laura taught Wiggleworms, Chicago's largest early-childhood music program, at the Old Town School of Folk Music. She has released two Parent's Choice award-winning children's CDs: "Shining Like a Star" and Kids in the City". After 2 successful decades of performing in Chicago, Laura recently relocated to Westchester, NY (where she grew up). Laura can also do other themed programs (animals, nature, seasons, holidays, etc), or her regular rockin' programs "Songs of the City" and "Shining Like a Star"!
$351- $500
McKeon-Pierce, Lonna Character Education Stories: Tales of Wit and Wisdom Life Skills- Parenting,
Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Character education; teaching without preaching. Fables and folktales are ageless sources of wisdom that have fascinated folks of all ages forever.
$351- $500
Blon, Maria Do what SPARKS your Passion! Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other
Do what SPARKS your passion! Welcome more of what you really love into your life. Using meditation, movement and motivation in a supportive community, you will leave the class feeling empowered and energized! Maria Blon is a Life Coach and Energy Healer with SPARKS that offers a comprehensive inspirational program with classes, cards, crystals and aromatherapy. “Maria creates a safe, gentle, accepting environment that promotes honesty, growth, friendship and hope!” Lynne Le Beau
$101- $200
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Records  71-80 of 488
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