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Cradle of Aviation Museum, Cradle of Aviation Museum Living in Space Science
How do astronauts survive in space? What do they eat, where do they sleep, how do they go to the bathroom, how does a free-fall environment affect the human body? All of these questions will be answered and students will get to try on a part of a spacesuit.
$351- $500
Bertles, John Recycling Remix Music,
Nature- Environment,
A 3+ performer remix of our famous Bash the Trash performance, plus hands-on instrument building, followed by an audience-participatory culminating event. We start with a version of our show that gives the basics of instrument building, as well as driving home the environmental message of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Participants then build a variety of instruments using recycled/reused materials that they bring in themselves, and/or materials provided by Bash the Trash. The event culminates in a joyous music-making event in which the audience members join the band. Depending on your physical space and appropriateness, this final event can take the form of a stage performance, a parade, or something completely different.
$1001- $3000
Sears, Susan Water Magic Science
Explore how water can change materials in this hands on science activity. Through stories and hands on science activities your preschooler will learn to predict and observe change and understand the importance of water in our lives. Use your new knowledge to create a piece of unusual artwork.
$101- $200
Animal Embassy, . World Wildlife with Animal Embassy Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
Learn about the fascinating diversity of life on Earth with Animal Embassy. Meet Animal Embassy's most enigmatic and dynamic Animal Ambassadors such as Inca, our Spectacled owl whose origins are found in Peru. Meet a Green iguana, native to Central and South America, an African Sulcata tortoise or perhaps a Red-foot tortoise from South America and the Caribbean. The softer side of nature is introduced with a Flemish Giant rabbit or a family of South American chinchillas! Learn about the habitats that provide these beautiful creatures with all that they need to survive. Animal Embassy allows children to connect with the natural world with this unforgettable, interactive, live animal presentation!
$351- $500
Jason Reilly, Frogs, Bugs & Animals Animals Build A Better World! Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
Summer 2017 Animals Build a Better World! Discover the important roles that frogs, bugs, hedgehogs, reptiles and other animals play to make the world a better place. New this year: Learn about Jason's honeybees and the world they build.
$351- $500
Riotto, Mary Diane Science Fair Help: Grand Prix (Grades 3-5) Science
Another kid friendly , hands on and developmentally appropriate science fair workshop offered by an experienced educator for children in grades 3-5 and their parents. In “Grand Prix”, junior scientists will be exploring all aspects of the Scientific Process as we work though an experiment involving force and motion. Along the way, parents and children will pick up useful tips for creating a great science fair project. This program can be paired with “That’s How We Roll” for grades K-2.
$201- $350
1, Mad Science Under Pressure Science
Under Pressure teaches the basics of air pressure through demonstrations and activities of Bernoulli's Principle and Newton's Laws of Motion. Students will be challenged to stop and consider air, its effects on our surroundings and its significance to us and to life on Earth. The focus will then turn to air pressure beginning with a fun demonstration that illustrates the concept of unbalanced pressures.
$201- $350
Penske, Tara Chase Away the Winter Blues with Aromatherapy and Essential Oils (tweens, teens and adults) Health & Fitness- Other,
Nature- Other,
Tropical Burst Hand Sanitizer and Lift Me Up Body Lotion will make you feel like summer is just around the corner! Learn how to use Aromatherapy and Essential Oils to brighten your day and change your mood! Participants will learn how to create and take home these nourishing products. Recipes and labels included. (Tweens and Teens and Adults)$275
$201- $350
Gertsacov, Adam Acme Miniature Flea Circus Performing Arts- Clowning,
Performing Arts- Other,
The Acme Miniature Flea Circus is an authentic Victorian style flea circus that features Midge and Madge, trained fleas, who perform Spectacular Circus Stunts As Seen Before (and on top of) The Crowned Heads of Europe. The show was deemed one of the top shows at the Minnesota Fringe, Montreal Fringe, Piccolo Spoleto, San Francisco Fringe, and many others. The Los Angeles Times said: -'Professor Gertsacov has the audience (and the performers) in the palm of his hand.' Many other quotes and a video, are available at
$501- $1000
Nature- Animals,
We bring the museum to you! Giant exhibits & interactive, entertaining performance - 50+ life-size & genuine museum-quality fossils, 5-500 million years old. Topics: extinction theory, plant vs. meat-eaters, fossil formation..Act as paleontologist during fossil dig...Take home genuine specimens like dinosaur bone, shark teeth...16th year. Seen by millions. Clients include Bronx Zoo, National Geographic. Gems Rock and Oceans Rock too.
$351- $500
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Records  71-80 of 214
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