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Boyer, Jeff Simple Machines - Mad about Science Show Performing Arts- Theater,
Performing Arts- Theater,
Learn about simple machines in all their different forms with Professor Von Schmartkopf. A wacky and fun-filled educational show.
$501- $1000
Smith, Dr. Andrew J. Field Studies in Natural Science Nature- Environment,
Nature- Other,
This is a tour over moderate terrain through areas of natural interest. The subject depends upon the request of the customer. Suggestions can be plant identification, fungi identification, ornithology, geology, environmental studies, herbalism, etc.
$201- $350
Long Island Science Center, The Place for Learning THE MUMMY History,
Multicultural- Other,
Participants learn about the ancient process of embalming and the cultural significance of mummification. Topics discussed include amulets, sarcophagus, canopic jars and pyramid building. Students make their very own mummy to take home. 4th - 6th grade
$201- $350
Muhleman - Brown, Linda - Joanne Science on the Move Traveling Museum Science
Children ages 5 and up and their families can spend an exciting hour exploring our unique museum. This program is a hands-on traveling science museum with over 60 exhibits and experiments. Topics include magnetism, animal tracking, physical science, illusions and much more. Exhibits contain both word and picture directions.
$101- $200
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Let's Look Closely (Preschool Workshop) Other,
**Let's Look Closely** Children will discover a world that they might not have realized was there through the use of mirrors, microscopes and magnifying glasses. They will reveal hidden pictures learn about reflection and symmetry and use hand held microscopes to observe objects closely. They will take away plastic magnifying glasses to continue their exploration at home. These are programs specifically designed for children ages 3 and 4, and take place at your location. Our only requirements are: a room that can be darkened if needed, with tables and chairs where the children can work comfortably; a small table to set up our equipment and access to water and electricity. The children perform experiments, participate in demonstrations and, for most workshops, there is a take home item for each child at the end of the program.
$101- $200
Justa, Dan TakeItApart Life Skills- Other,
Taking stuff apart is a whole lot of fun. Once you realize any and everything is basically just big kid legos, a whole new world is revealed. We dissect frogs and pigs in middle and high school to see how their insides work, why not do the same with electronics? Lets demystify the technology, and get rid of that "I am going to break it if I take it apart" stigma. We want to run a basic TIA workshop where we will walk students (or anyone really) through the dissection and then reassembly of an age appropriate electronic device. We will provide the devices to be taken apart We will provide the tools to take apart the devices with As the we walk students through the disassembly, we will discuss how the different components are made, what they do, and how they work.
$351- $500
Michael Salvarezza, Christopher Weaver, The RMS Titanic: Her Final Days History,
Media- Photography,
On a cold April night in 1912, the magnificent new luxury liner R.M.S. Titanic struck an iceberg as she was making her way towards New York on her maiden voyage from England. In a few short hours, she sank beneath the icy waters of the North Atlantic, taking with her the lives of more than 1,500 people. The tragedy shocked the world and, through the years, the legend of this story has continued to grow. Seventy three years after the sinking, the wreck of the Titanic was discovered 2 ½ miles below the surface by an intrepid group of Oceanographers using state of the art technology. Join Eco-Photo Explorers as they recall the tragic history of the R.M.S. Titanic and the exciting search for her remains. The show will also feature discussions on the technology used to find the wreck and will examine the current controversy over the recovery of artifacts from this site.
$201- $350
Hibbard, Kate One World, Many Sounds Music,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
The Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in Syracuse, NY offers traveling science shows throughout Onondaga county and beyond. As part of the 2011 Summer Reading Program, the MOST put together a special show called One World, Many Sounds. The presenter, Dustin Angell, brought a number of musical instruments from around the world and used them to talk about the science of sound and music. Dustin played the guitar, both Middle Eastern and African hand drums, small percussion instruments, and a few types of ethnic flutes. Dustin used audience participation, science demonstrations, music, and storytelling to create an engaging and fun educational experience for the children. The MOST also performs traveling science shows with a variety of topics throughout the year at schools, hospitals, camps, scout meetings, and libraries.
$101- $200
Berlin, Jan The Colorful World of Animals Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
Rainbows aren't just in the sky! Mother nature has given a variety of colors to the animals who share our earth. Interact with live animals and find out how their colors help them to survive. Can a chameleon really change colors to match his environment - even if it's plaid or paisley or polka-dotted?
$101- $200
Smith, Dr. Andrew J. Plant Identification For Beginners Nature- Environment,
Nature- Gardening,
A slide show and lecture offering an introdution to plant identification by using texts and field guides and by pointing out the characteristics to look for without getting into deep technical discussion and analysis> Nature study is often presented as too overpowering for many and this can be intimidating. this program is a user friendly approach to this field of study which should make it a fun experience rather than an overpowering one.
$201- $350
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Records  71-80 of 391
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