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Childress, John Bates Directed Meditation Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Directed Meditation is a program designed by John Bates Childress that integrates the use of meditation, visualization, and language patterns with directions or suggestions in order to achieve a predetermined outcome. This technique can be used to help individuals manage stress and anxiety; cope with life threatening and chronic illness; change eating, exercise, smoking or other habitual behavior; and over come phobias. John Bates Childress can do presentations about Directed Meditation generally or focus on specific aspects, depending on the audience's interests. All presentations include lively voluntary audience participation to keep the audience engaged.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Focaccia Bread Pizza Life Skills- Food
Learn the art of making focaccia bread pizza. Everyone will take home and bake!
$201- $350
Edgecomb, Diane Summer Escapades Life Skills- Other,
Nature- Animals,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Summer Escapades celebrates family fun with participatory stories chosen from Diane's best-loved family tales. Original fables, folktales and songs give us a look at exiting summertime adventures including the aquatic antics of a curious monkey who goes for a wild ride on the back of a shark! Summer Escapades is also available with Celtic harp accompaniment by Margot Chamberlain. Either way it's the perfect summertime treat.
$351- $500
Basini, Lisa Spend time With Dad- Chili & Quesadilla Luncheon Life Skills- Food
Join us for some Father's Day Fun!! Create Chili and Quesadilla's in the library with dad or that special man in your life! Includes all. Plus Iced Tea and Lemonade!
$201- $350
Childress, John Bates Mindmajik History,
Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Other
Mindmajik is a multimedia demonstration of mentalism and hypnosis. It is great clean fun entertainment that explores the mysteries of the mind and also emphasizes that we can achieve great things when we put our minds to it. John Bates opens with some audience participation demonstrations of mentalism to fascinate the audience. (This part of the program is optional and can be dropped if there are time constraints.) Then John Bates explains how hypnosis works. After that he asks for volunteers to come up and be hypnotized and runs through a series of skits that are both entertaining and educational, demonstrating the many effects of hypnosis. The show wraps up with a positive message about the power of the human brain.
$201- $350
Life Skills- Parenting,
Life Skills- Food
In this program you will learn why knowing how a food is processed, preserved and packaged can have an even greater impact upon our weight than traditional counting of calories, carbs and fat grams. There are numerous substances that make their way into everyday food that play tremendous havoc on metabolism – not necessarily the food itself. Gary Feldman, consumer food educator and innovator in the nutritional supplement field, will discuss not only culprits in your food to avoid, but also important foods to include in your diet. Gary will show you how to weigh in on many of the things that sabotage weight management.
$201- $350
Hunt, Kathryn Teen & Young Adult Job Style Workshop Life Skills- Other,
Literature- Other,
Media- Other
This workshop addresses the specific needs of today's young job seekers including: *Obtaining working papers, review of labor laws & teen driving restrictions *Job applications, references, resume writing, cover letters & email usage *Dressing for success, interviewing, networking, college application preparation WORKSHOP TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS *All workshops are presented in Power Point from my laptop connected to the library's multimedia projector (ex: Proxima, VGA cable required on site) *Attendees receive workbooks and bibliographies for additional information *Customized workshops are available by request for individuals and groups *Workshops are one hour long unless noted (ex: Career Style is 2 hours) Contact Kathryn Hunt at 631-261-3693 or via email at for details and availability.
$201- $350
Gormont, Bill Team Up With Books Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Magic,
Performing Arts- Theater
Revive the excitement of going to the library when Bill Gormont, master magician and reading wiz discovers new wonders at your library. This show promises magic and surprise as he explores the wonderful world of reading and helps you discover the fun and excitement of learning at the library. During the show, you’ll meet Freddie the library helper, learn how to save money and even participate in an outer space adventure from your dreams of the future. You’ll watch an unusual cooking lesson with a “borrowed” shoe, learn to become a magical artist, play a wild game with very tricky rabbits and much, much more! As the children and families discover all the incredible things they can learn about at the library, they’ll be amazed as they get a wonderful sense that this Reading Magic just might be real.
$201- $350
DuBois, Betsy Sticks & Stones Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
Sticks and Stones -an anti-bulling musical Children bullying other children. It happens at school, in the neighborhood and on the internet. Whether face to face or in cyberspace, the effect can be harmful, even deadly. This original one woman performance By Lyle Cogen and commissioned by Tilles Center For The Performing Arts, is partially based on real experiences of Long Island middle school students to depict vital social issues. This piece will encourage children to proactively deal with bullying and to become more tolerant and inclusive of others.
$1001- $3000
Lichtenstein, Eileen What's Next? Life Skills- Parenting,
Life Skills- Other
Retirement and/or being unemployed isn't the end of work or a career path when you are motivated! It's never too late to start or begin again. This course will help you create career related goals, prioritize, and take action to begin again. Participants will also learn how to create work life balance and manage time effectively. This course includes interactive activities and fun!
$501- $1000
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Records  421-430 of 491
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