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Giouvalakis, Katherine Monogram Door Decoration Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Have fun creating a monogrammed door accent using embellishments , ribbons and much more.
$101- $200
Montanaro, Lisa The Organized Family Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Parenting,
Life Skills- Other
The Organized Family Are you overwhelmed with all of the paperwork entering your family's home? Struggling to keep up with your busy fanily's schedule and stuff? If so, then this workshop, led by Certified Professional Organizer, Lisa Montanaro, is for you! Come learn effective methods for handling all of the paper coming into the home from school, work, PTA, mailbox, volunteer activities, etc. Develop systems for mastering the full-to-the-brim schedules of your family. Discover tried-and-true techniques that assist a busy family in maintaining order in the household.
$501- $1000
Lagan, Constance Become an Optimist and Change Your Life Forever Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other
Optimistic people are more likely to be physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally grounded, and spiritually connected than are pessimistic people. They tend to have more stable relationships over time and more career success. Although genetics and early childhood environment do play a role in whether optimism comes easily, optimistic thinking and behavior can be learned. Motivational speaker Constance Hallinan Lagan opens the window on optimistic thinking for those who have yet to experience the joy of a life lived positively and encourages those who are already actively attempting to “stamp out” negativity to continue their quest. Topics include affirmative thinking, gratitude, forgiveness, prioritizing happiness, sharing, present-moment living, and positive learning. The seminar concludes with a guided visualization meditation.
$201- $350
Hunt, Kathryn T-Shirt Revamp Camp Life Skills- Other,
Media- Video,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Learn creative ways to give your old t-shirts a new life. Projects are cut and restyled with no-sew and basic hand sewing techniques. Turn your plain old t-shirts into something one-of-a-kind. Get inspiration from completed projects and learn to design your new style before ever cutting a thing! The options are endless, create a restyled t-shirt, skirt, accessories or décor! *Scissors and T-shirts are required.
$101- $200
Feingold, Rick How to Buy a Car Life Skills- Finance,
Life Skills- Other,
Stop being hassled when you shop for a car. Learn about the hidden incentives such as factory-to-dealer rebates and holdbacks that enable dealers to sell their vehicles at dealer invoice or less. Savvy consumers use the internet to force dealers to bid for their business when buying a car—you can, too. We will discuss how to find sources of FREE information on dealer invoice costs, how to make an offer, selling/trading in your present car, and controlling the negotiations. Included is how to locate professional buying services to represent the buyer during the bargaining process. Rick Feingold is a consumer advocate with over 25 years experience presenting this seminar. MBA, Penn State University. BA, Rutgers University.
$101- $200
Jayne, Jill I Will Not Be Bought Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Food,
I Will Not Be Bought is an interactive, music-based performance focusing on the influence of advertising on body image, nutrition, substance abuse, and peer pressure that tours middle and high schools. Show creator Jill Jayne is not only a registered dietitian with her master’s from Columbia University in nutrition education, but an accomplished musician. She has sold over 10,000 CDs of her original music, appeared on national television, and toured with The Vans Warped Tour. Using her academic and performing credentials and lots of hairspray, the Rockstar Nutritionist serves as an educated, relevant source for reading between the lines of teen-targeted advertising to help teens make healthier and more informed choices.
$1001- $3000
Basini, Lisa Edible Igloo Life Skills- Food
Make an edible igloo using chocolate and marshmallows.
$201- $350
Nager, Stuart Running With Scissors: The Basics of Improvisation (Beginners Class) Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
If you have been afraid of doing improv or are just starting out (or need a refresher) this is the workshop for you. Led in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, discover the Yes And inside of yourself. Improvisation is more than the games. We all can improvise. Discover the creative side inside yourself. Totally hands on and interactive...and fun! Improvisation has many theater and life lesson applications; come explore them!
$351- $500
Gifford, Terrie Set Yourself Free with Improv Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater
Improv is a great way to discover those interesting characters just waiting to come alive when you have some encouragement from a director. Taking an improv class also allows you some time to practice an accent you've been wanting to try or maybe you just want to get comfortable talking to a group with no script in front of you. No matter what your goal, you will have fun learning to think on your feet and be in the moment. Anyone can do improv with some basic instruction. Participants act out scenes that are made up on the spot. Often the result is comedic.
$201- $350
TheatreworksUSA, - The Balsters' THE WIZARD'S APPRENTICE Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Magic
Tim and Robin Balster present an all-new magic spectacular. Join Harriet Peabody as Willard the Wizard of Wisdom teaches her that the greatest secrets to magic and life is to possess good reading skills and to know how to find the books she needs. With its large illusions and innovative masks, this is an audience-participation treat for all!
$1001- $3000
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Records  421-430 of 486
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