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McEntee, Robert 'Miracles of the Mind!' (Adults) Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater,
Performing Arts- Other
Miracles of The Mind! is a wonderful mind-reading & illusion show, ideal for adult audiences. Along with the mentalism effects, it combines audience participation including an hypnotic group induction, an incredible memory feat, clean comedy, visual demonstrations of mesmerizing magic/illusions and a spellbinding story. Robert McEntee combines his engineering background with his many years of performance experience, for this unique presentation. During the course of the show, practical advice & techniques are shared with the audience on visualization, improving one's memory, intuition, reading speed, how to do a mind reading effect themselves, and other self improvement topics. Longer version can include question & answers and a spectacular grand finale with amazing special effects.
$351- $500
Wilson, Judy Macrame Hemp Jewelry Life Skills- Other,
Nature- Environment,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Using hemp, an environmentally sound, easily renewable source of fiber, these workshops are sure to keep you busy! Lots of colorful hemp twine, thicker hemp and new designs. Workshops vary from basic macrame knotting to advanced. Make bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earrings. Unisex designs and beads. Femo beads, pendants, glass wood, etc. Some designs use no beads at all.Programs titled: YinYang bracelet-beginners, Femo bead bracelet or anklet-beginners, Love/Laugh Pendant Necklace, One Big Choker,Wide Cuff-advanced,Open Jar-advanced. This workshop can be adapted for grades 3-6. Also fantastic fun for Adults!
$201- $350
Yacovella, Joanne Mother Goose is on the Loose: Caring and Sharing (ages 3-5) Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Dance
Join Mother Goose as she presents songs that encourage self-esteem and caring for others.
$201- $350
Giouvalakis, Kathy Homemade Grilled Cheese with Nachos Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other
Each participant will make there own grilled cheese from scratch and enjoy with nachos, melted cheese and salsa!
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Granola! Life Skills- Food
A healthy food, a cereal, a topping for yogurt, ice cream, fruit or enjoy as is.
$101- $200
Life Skills- Food,
Nature- Environment
Gary Feldman, consumer food educator, will teach you the crucial differences between organic and conventional food, and give you the vital knowledge you need to become a savvy “green” consumer. Gary will answer your questions regarding organic food. Learn the meaning of organic and how organic food is grown. Learn the correlation between how conventional food is grown and why so many of us develop brittle bones. Learn about various organic certifications to look for on food labels, and how to decode produce stickers. Organic food – costs too much? Overrated? This program will provide you with much resourceful information on how to shop for organic food including the most reasonably priced and nutritious food choices.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Sweet Bread to make and bake at home Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other,
Learn to make a great old fashion Sweet Bread to serve with jam or butter. Make at the Library and take it home to bake. Comes with all plus baking pan to take home project. Great recipe.
$101- $200
Basini, Lisa Dog Biscuits Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Other
Dog Biscuits - Lets make dog biscuits that will be baked at home then donated to a local aminial shelter. This is a great way for YA's to earn credits. Great for all ages!
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats Life Skills- Food
Shape and decorate your rice Krispie treats! Everyone goes home with 4 treats.
$201- $350
Brian Chevalier, Susan Hamlin & Character ROCKS - Character Education Disability Awareness,
Life Skills- Other,
Character ROCKS with Brian and Susan's engaging, upbeat character ed program. Bring the magic of good character to your school with this participatory assembly program. Also ask about songwriting workshops for your core group -- creat a new song to perform at finale show.
$501- $1000
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Records  421-430 of 507
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