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LaBarge, Christopher Nutrition Magic Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Food
This exciting magic show is designed to educate children and families about making good eating choices. Topics include drinking water, eating lots of colors, and choosing healthy snacks.
$101- $200
Raimondo, Joyce COLOR MY WORLD! Studio Art Workshop - Painting Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Painting,
Visual Arts- Other
Painting is all about color. In this workshop, we will explore the basics of color mixing. In one hour - learn the "science" of color as you enjoy the hands-on experience of mixing colors. This basic knowledge will improve your painting skills and make your artworks come to life.

Workshops taught by Imagine That! certified instructors.

$201- $350
Giouvalakis, Kathy Organic/Conventional Juicing Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other
Tweens, teens, or adults get hands on experience with the three most common juicers, and the benefits and differences of each. They create tasty organic juices (vegetable and fruit) and get to sample many different types. As always, this is a hands on class! This class can also be done non- organic for a discounted price!
$201- $350
Ackerman, Susan Chocolate and Candy Crafts Life Skills- Food
One and a half hours of creative chocolate and candy craft making. This program is always a sell out. The children/teens/adults will learn about chocolate as they make their own molds and decorate them. As well, there are two other chocolate/candy craft projects that vary depending upon the groups age, the season and/or librarian request. Participants sample the chocolate and go home with a bag full of the treats they have created. Delicious, fun and even educational!
$201- $350
Giouvalakis, Kathy Decorate a mug, plate or bank Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Have fun decorating a mug, plate or bank using stencils, markers and other craft materials.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats Life Skills- Food
Shape and decorate your rice Krispie treats! Everyone goes home with 4 treats.
$201- $350
Tolliver, Lisa Financial Literacy Certification Progam Life Skills- Finance,
Life Skills- Other,
Based on the NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education) Financial Literacy and CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education) Programs, this course guides participants to take action and increase their financial IQ. Linked to education standards in all 50 states and to several national subject-area standards, this course is typically taught in 7 units. Your Financial Plan: Where It All Begins (160 Minutes)* Budgeting: Making the Most of Your Money (115 Minutes)* Investing: Making Money Work for You (125 Minutes)* Good Debt, Bad Debt: Using Credit Wisely (130 Minutes)* Your Money: Keeping It Safe and Secure (160 Minutes)* Insurance: Protecting What You Have (135 Minutes)* Your Career: Doing What Matters Most (140 Minutes)* * RECOMMENDATION: Add an additional hour per unit to accommodate group activities. These units can be adapted for and integrated into broader-based programs, such as business planning, career management, and boot-camps for artists or entrepreneurs. Additionally, this course can be customized for such audiences as adults, teens, retirees, business professionals, job-seekers, artists and entertainers.
$351- $500
DeLuca, Michael Yello Dyno Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Our program instructors educate children in grades 4-6 with the use of the Yello Dyno award winning video "Tricky People," audience discussions, role-playing and more.
$351- $500
Powers, Eric Due North! Life Skills- Other,
Nature- Environment,
Ever been lost in the woods? Students will learn the basic components of a compass and how to navigate using one. The lesson starts in the classroom and then head outside (or large indoor space) to learn our skills. For a greater challenge, a compass scavenger hunt will be established around the site. A field expedition to a local park is available upon request for an advanced experience. Grades 5-12, and adults.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Granola! Life Skills- Food
A healthy food, a cereal, a topping for yogurt, ice cream, fruit or enjoy as is.
$101- $200
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Records  351-360 of 507
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