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Encore Performing Arts, Inc. RESOLVING RAGE by Rick Adam Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Rick’s engaging personality and winning style will captivate his audience with original songs, and dramatized testimony of growing up in an abusive family. He effectively delivers his message by creating an emotional bond with his audience, offering a holistic approach to stopping the cycle of abuse, while providing them with tools to control tempers, address bullying, resist peer pressure, and celebrate differences. With the growth of technology, today’s youth are experiencing more pressure than ever, while going through an already difficult time of life. Rick’s program will provide captivating entertainment, while delivering vital, life-saving messages. It is a performance that every teenager should see.
$501- $1000
Basini, Lisa 3-D Bird House Cake: Family Craft Life Skills- Food
Decorate a full size Cake to look like a bird house. Everyone goes home with a fully decorated cake. Great spring time family craft.
$201- $350
Livinston, Laura TheatreSports Life Skills- Other,
Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
In this interactive introduction to the excitement of live theatre, two teams of professional improvisers challenge each other to spontaneously create scenes inspired by audience suggestions. Audience members help create characters, settings and stories – often participating on stage. Collaboration (actor/actor and actor/audience) is clearly essential. Challenges include using language creatively, scenes resembling books, and scenes inspired by curriculum subjects. Recipient of Young Audiences of New Jersey’s first Artists of the Year Award. Video at
$501- $1000
Miller, Paul Do Something Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Magic,
Performing Arts- Juggling
Do Something is an engaging variety arts performance that challenges middle and high school students to identify their passions, research their options, excel in their efforts, and enjoy their lives.
$351- $500
Giouvalakis, Kathy Back to School Locker Mirror and Desk Accessories Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts,
Visual Arts- Other
Tweens and teens will use their creativity to decorate a locker mirror and desk accessories, using fabric, trinkets (ex:buttons, stickers, letters), scrapbooking materials and more!
$101- $200
Justa, Dan TakeItApart Life Skills- Other,
Taking stuff apart is a whole lot of fun. Once you realize any and everything is basically just big kid legos, a whole new world is revealed. We dissect frogs and pigs in middle and high school to see how their insides work, why not do the same with electronics? Lets demystify the technology, and get rid of that "I am going to break it if I take it apart" stigma. We want to run a basic TIA workshop where we will walk students (or anyone really) through the dissection and then reassembly of an age appropriate electronic device. We will provide the devices to be taken apart We will provide the tools to take apart the devices with As the we walk students through the disassembly, we will discuss how the different components are made, what they do, and how they work.
$351- $500
Life Skills- Parenting,
Life Skills- Food
In this program you will learn why knowing how a food is processed, preserved and packaged can have an even greater impact upon our weight than traditional counting of calories, carbs and fat grams. There are numerous substances that make their way into everyday food that play tremendous havoc on metabolism – not necessarily the food itself. Gary Feldman, consumer food educator and innovator in the nutritional supplement field, will discuss not only culprits in your food to avoid, but also important foods to include in your diet. Gary will show you how to weigh in on many of the things that sabotage weight management.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Chicken Pot Pie Life Skills- Food
Put together this winter comfort food at the library to take home and bake.
$201- $350
Nager, Stuart Running With Scissors: The Basics of Improvisation (Beginners Class) Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
If you have been afraid of doing improv or are just starting out (or need a refresher) this is the workshop for you. Led in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, discover the Yes And inside of yourself. Improvisation is more than the games. We all can improvise. Discover the creative side inside yourself. Totally hands on and interactive...and fun! Improvisation has many theater and life lesson applications; come explore them!
$351- $500
Basini, Lisa Apple Cake Life Skills- Food
Create the batter for a yummy apple cake to share with friends and family. Everyone goes home with a 7 inch round cake to bake.
$201- $350
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Records  331-340 of 491
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