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Knight, Leonora Multiply To Music Life Skills- Finance,
Performing Arts- Other
Are your students struggling with their times tables? I wrote these songs for my own son and they really work! If your students respond well to music watch their skills improve after participating in this program. And they DO participate! Each child is given a lyric sheet to sing along. Props and costumes are used as children come up on stage. Music styles include pop, reggae, rock, swing and jazz waltz. There’s even a cheer! CD’s are available to reinforce learning. This educational material will reach out to your students reinforcing the powerful connection of math and music
$201- $350
Collins, Dawn The Voice and Sound - Energized Healing Instruments Health & Fitness- Other,
Multicultural- Other,
An introduction to the use of the voice as an instrument. Participants learn about proper breathing, sacred sound, psychoacoustics, cross-cultural mantra, song and chant, gestures combined with sound to support the voice, and the relaxing, meditative state of mind you are capable of entering. Through the use of the voice as a sound portal, multiple benefits occur - emotional, physical benefits and spiritual connections are strengthened. You do not need to be a singer or have any musical background.
$101- $200
Shih, Patricia Big Ideas! Concerts for families Music
Big Ideas! is the umbrella title for each of Patricia Shih's 18 differently-themed shows, subtitles which include: Literacy and The Love of Learning; The Environment; Multiculturalism and Differences; Disabilities; The Holidays--Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa; Halloween show; and much more. Sponsor chooses one or can combine shows; also Patricia custom-writes shows based on a sponsor's needs. She also writes a new summer reading club show every year based on that year's theme.
$351- $500
Lipscomb, Rhonda MOSTLY MOTOWN History,
Multicultural- Other,
Rhonda Denét, flanked by a the Silver Fox Songs trio, performs “Mostly Motown”, a review of classic rhythm & blues and soul of the 1960s and 70s. Join them as they celebrate a time when this primarily African-American genre crossed over to mainstream audiences. Featured songs were made famous by female artists Aretha Franklin, Martha & The Vandellas, The Supremes, Etta James, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, and Roberta Flack as well as male artists Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and others. Through the music, the magic and the message, there is something for everyone!
$351- $500
Griffith, Tom I Choose You Music,
Award-winning singer/songwriters Tom Griffith and Martha Trachtenberg been together for 30 years and have been married for 27 of them. They have chronicled the ups and downs of their relationship in their beautifully crafted music. Whether singing about the unexpected or the mundane, their songs are in turn funny and moving, and ultimately reveal universal truths about life and marriage.
$201- $350
Molloy, Sukey Sukey Molloy & the Circle Song Band Music,
Sukey Molloy’s Circle Song Band offers a refreshing new performance atmosphere for stage and concert. Sukey delights young audiences with her felt friends Sunny, Tick Tock, Twinkle, and Little Flame, and draws children and parents into her gentle vocal melodies, lyrical instrumentals, and lively award winning music. Sukey’s special warmth brings a glow to the stage, and warms the heart through movement play and song.
$351- $500
Bennett, Kokila Music of the Rennaissance Music
Join Christopher Morriangello and Kokila Bennett in an inspiring program of Early music and narrative about the lute and it's history and tradition in European culture. Chris is a master Lutanist and Kokila is a gifted recorder player and composer.
$351- $500
Booking, Unbound Marc Black - Stroke of Genius Disability Awareness,
Dan Mountain, one of Los Angeles’ premier advertising creative directors, suffered a massive stroke that left him in a coma for 21 days. His doctors gave him a “zero chance of meaningful survival” and finally pulled life support. That’s when Dan woke up. Struggling to put his life back together, he found words again. First, the rhythm, then the meaning. He worked through his aphasia and wrote poems that his friend, Marc Black, put to music and recorded with help from musical luminaries Art Garfunkel, John Sebastian, Steve Gadd, and the Dixi Hummingbirds. They created a richly human CD, Stroke of Genius. Inspired by Dan’s courage and by the CD, filmmaker, Bahman Soltani, produced a tender and surprising love story. His film, also entitled Stroke of Genius, expresses both the fragility of our lives and the powerful resilience of the human spirit. And now Mr. Black has brought it all together in a presentation that features live performance of his original songs, the documentary film, and finally, a time for questions and sharing of experience. Marc is a seasoned performer that makes his audience feel at home. And leaves them inspired.
$351- $500
Ransom, Stanley Head Start and preschool library programs Music,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Visual Arts- Folk Arts
I do songs for preschool children, stories to interest and excite them, encourage looking at clouds to see shapes and use and develop their imagination. Participation stories and songs are well received. I use a guitar to sing with.
Up to $100
Marshall, Barry Classics with a Twist Literature- Creative Writing,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
The Storycrafters are internationally renowned for their creative retakes on classic stories. In this program, The Storycrafters present tales from their large repertoire of updated retellings of well-known tales in forms such as rap, spoonerism, word play, and other playful forms. In workshop format, The Storycrafters show participants how they go about creating 'new stories from old', using many of the methods The Storycrafters use to make new performance pieces.
$351- $500
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Records  311-320 of 810
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