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Berlin, Jan Which Pet to Get? Nature- Animals,
Performing Arts- Puppetry,
Are you ready for a pet? Find out which animals are the best choices for you and your family's lifestyle. Live animals will be on hand (literally!) to represent a variety of species during this informative, interactive and lively presentation.
$101- $200
Pelc, Cindy and Jim Take Flight! Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Learn how to fold your own world-class paper airplanes! We supply the preprinted paper. We explain what keeps airplanes in the air and the science of flight with visual aids. Demonstration of different types of flying objects such as airplanes and balloons. Target age is 7 to teen; younger children may participate with parental help and guidance.
Up to $100
Hoyt, Lisa Staying Safe in the Outdoors Health & Fitness- Other,
Nature- Environment,
Know the facts about staying safe in the outdoors. Information will be given on rabies, Lyme disease and West Nile Virus. At the end of the program, participants will be less fearful, better educated, know what to look for and how to protect themselves and be able to feel secure venturing outdoors.
Up to $100
Science, Wondergy SkateScience Health & Fitness- Sports,
Ever wonder how a pro skater does those awesome tricks? Explore the science behind skating with a little help from a pro skater and Wondergy. See how to stay on the board, turn, jump (ollie), and perform tricks like a kickflip or a manual. Get ready for the sickest Wondergy show ever! Explore the physics of skateboarding, with professional skaters and big-scale jumps and tricks. Great for large audiences of all ages! Focus on safety along with skating skills. TOPICS: Center of mass, inertia, gravity, distribution of force Skateboarding workshops also available.
$1001- $3000
Sears, Susan Helter Skelter Science
Become a Structural Engineer; design a roller coaster ride using the earth's gravity to make a marble roll over enough twists and turns to make your hair stand on end.
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Night Lights Science
Younger students: Become an 'After Dark' scientist and find out why some things have an eerie glow at night. Experiment with light sticks, go on a Ultra-Violet treasure hunt, and make your own 'Glow in the Dark' slime to take home. Older students: Become an 'After Dark' scientist and find out why some things have an eerie glow at night. Discover different types of Luminescence, experiment with light sticks, and make your own 'Glow in the Dark' slime to take home. This is a hands on science program.
$101- $200
Boyer, Jeff The Attainable Sustainable Energy Show Performing Arts- Theater,
Visual Arts- Other
The Attainable Sustainable Energy Show Kids discover the power of earth, wind and sun! Jeff Boyer engages and "wows" while inspiring excitement in renewable energy. Gripping experiments and visual effects transform wind, solar, bio-fuel and geothermal energy into usable “green” power. A mild-mannered scientist turns “eco-man” as kids help him generate the fun. It’s educational energy! Jeff's science shows and web study guides effectively supplement and boost your science curriculum. Prepare students for the energy sources of the future.
$351- $500
Sears, Susan Helter Skelter: Underground Forces and Fun Fair Science Science
Become a structural engineer; design a roller coaster ride using the earth's gravity to make a marble roll over enough twists and turns to make your hair stand on end.
$101- $200
Muhleman - Brown, Linda - Joanne Science on the Move - Science Mysteries Science
Discover how science is used to solve mysteries. Become a forensic scientist and solve an actual crime using fingerprint analysis, decoding, testing for acids and bases and more. Grades 2-5
$101- $200
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Rocket Science (Hands-On Workshop) Other,
** Rocket science** This is your chance to be a rocket scientist! Investigate the four forces of flight with the help of a Unique Flying Object. Explore the science involved in the rocket construction as you build your own “Mad Science Skyblazer II Rocket” that you can take home Mad Science Enrichment Programs are fun explorations into science and technology, and they encourage informal learning through hands-on experience. All Mad Science workshops include a lot of fascinating equipment, supplies, and take-home materials which the children build themselves. The Mad Science mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining, and educational activities which instill a clear understanding of what science really is, and how it affects the world around them.
$101- $200
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Records  291-300 of 387
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