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Sears, Susan Bubbles Science
Younger students (3-5yrs), with parents. or older students (grades K - 5) Become a Bubbleologist! Are bubbles always round? Learn about bubbles through experimentation. Stand inside a giant bubble and make a bubble blower to take home. Older students will also learn how to bounce bubbles.
$101- $200
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Let's Look Closely (Preschool Workshop) Other,
**Let's Look Closely** Children will discover a world that they might not have realized was there through the use of mirrors, microscopes and magnifying glasses. They will reveal hidden pictures learn about reflection and symmetry and use hand held microscopes to observe objects closely. They will take away plastic magnifying glasses to continue their exploration at home. These are programs specifically designed for children ages 3 and 4, and take place at your location. Our only requirements are: a room that can be darkened if needed, with tables and chairs where the children can work comfortably; a small table to set up our equipment and access to water and electricity. The children perform experiments, participate in demonstrations and, for most workshops, there is a take home item for each child at the end of the program.
$101- $200
Gertsacov, Adam Exploring With Henry Hudson History,
Performing Arts- Theater,
In this exhaustively researched show by actor, director, and performer Adam G. Gertsacov, Henry Hudson comes to life in a thrilling re-telling of his adventures on the high seas. Full information at The show imagines Hudson having just returned from his fateful third voyage and giving a presentation to “investors” (the audience) about his fourth voyage to continue his quest for the Northwest Passage to China. Through the course of the show, audience members will have the opportunity to “join” his crew, learn a sea shanty, learn how to navigate using state of the art sixteenth century instruments, and hear his thrilling tale of landing in the New World and visiting this strange new island named Manna-Hatta. At the end of the performance, audience members are encouraged to ask Henry any questions they like about his rich and varied life as a sea captain, explorer, navigator, and Elizabethan gentleman. Hudson lived during the age of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, Galileo, El Greco, and Queen Elizabeth. This 40 minute educational performance is suitable for all ages, and is available for extensive touring during the Henry Hudson Quadricentennial (Summer 2009).
$501- $1000
Kuhn, Lindsay Traveling Farm Life Skills- Food,
Nature- Animals,
Smoke Ridge Organics is a fully operating organic farm located in Rochester, NY. Our animals participate in an on farm petting zoo and have toured several libraries and schools around the state. I bring a miniature horse, calf, sheep, goat, pig, angora rabbit, peacock, turkey, chicken, duck, and quail; along with anything else that is new or fits in the trailer. Most of our animals are heritage breeds, there is an explanation of the history of the breed, how the animal benefits the farm, what products come from the animal, and general care and management. Kids can pet the animals learn to handle them. This program is suitable for the 2014 summer reading program.
$101- $200
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Earthworks (Hands-On Workshop) Other,
** Earthworks** Discover what the Earth is composed of, and learn all about rocks and minerals. Explore what lies inside an ordinary-looking piece of rock and see minerals fluoresce before your very eyes. Learn about the forces that create earthquakes, the natural faults under the Earth's crust and how mountains are formed. Take home the Mad Science Sedimentary Stacker. Mad Science Enrichment Programs are fun explorations into science and technology, and they encourage informal learning through hands-on experience. All Mad Science workshops include a lot of fascinating equipment, supplies, and take-home materials which the children build themselves. The Mad Science mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining, and educational activities which instill a clear understanding of what science really is, and how it affects the world around them.
$101- $200
Long Island Science Center, The Place for Learning CRIME LAB Science
Working in teams participants investigate a crime scene using the techniques of fingerprinting, chromatography and various clues. The goal is to solve the crime of the missing Madagascar hissing roaches. An exciting and challenging experience. All materials are included. 3rd - 5th grade
$201- $350
Ferrari, Johnda Hide and Seek- Animal Survival Nature- Animals,
Nature- Other,
Nature Detectives will discover the many different methods animals use for their survival. Examination of adaptations seen with actual teeth, claws and other defensive tools for getting food and for avoiding being food! How sharp are your eyes? Look for the hidden animal items using skills of camouflage. Puzzles,games and paint models of animal feet to take home.
$101- $200
Berlin, Jan Exploding Myths About Animals Nature- Animals,
Are owls really wise? Are bats blind? This informative and fun program will get to the bottom of many myths about animals. Live animals are the centerpiece of this exciting and interactive presentation.
$101- $200
Lawrence, David FizzBoomRead Library Program Performing Arts- Magic,
This interactive program will feature different aspects of science and experiments, with magical twists. We use music and plenty of laughter to emphasize books that can be borrowed from the library for the children to learn about gases, fireworks and astronauts. The program features books from library collections and a live bunny production, from a test tube!
$351- $500
A Full Effect Production, Full A Turtle Show Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
Visit us online at Children of all ages love turtles and we bring them to you! Available as a Stage Show or workshops. The Turtle Stage Show is a state of the art multi-media Assembly Program that will take the entire school around the world to meet a variety of species of Turtles and Tortoises including our Sulcata Tortoise from Africa and our Red Footed Tortoise from the Rainforests of Venezuela. This 45 minute program is completely self-contained and utilizes a digital projector to ensure students in both the front and back row of your gym or auditorium can see these amazing live reptiles up close! We also use digital photographs, maps, and life size replicas to teach students how and where turtles live, hibernate, eat, and more! This fast-paced program is both educational and entertaining and incorporates many areas of your school's current curriculum including Science, History, and Geography. Teacher's Guides and Activity sheets available for grades PK-8. Workshops are available for Single Classroom Sessions, Half Day Sessions, and Full Day Sessions. District Discounts are available. LIVE ANIMALS!!! Visit us at for more details and information.
$501- $1000
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Records  281-290 of 388
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