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McEntee, Robert 'Miracles of the Mind!' (Adults) Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater,
Performing Arts- Other
Miracles of The Mind! is a wonderful mind-reading & illusion show, ideal for adult audiences. Along with the mentalism effects, it combines audience participation including an hypnotic group induction, an incredible memory feat, clean comedy, visual demonstrations of mesmerizing magic/illusions and a spellbinding story. Robert McEntee combines his engineering background with his many years of performance experience, for this unique presentation. During the course of the show, practical advice & techniques are shared with the audience on visualization, improving one's memory, intuition, reading speed, how to do a mind reading effect themselves, and other self improvement topics. Longer version can include question & answers and a spectacular grand finale with amazing special effects.
$351- $500
Knight, Leonora Toddlers/Babies in Motion Life Skills- Parenting,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Here is a chance for you and your child to dance and sing together in a group. We dance the tarantella, country style and a lot of Latin beats! There is a circus with costumes, jumping, balancing, throwing and catching. Circle time includes finger play, rhythm repeating, how to encourage proper speech with your child, stories, and more singing and dancing together! It's a great time for you and your toddler.
$201- $350
Leeds, Dorothy The Power Of Questions: Secrets to Successful Communications Life Skills- Other
Questions can stimulate and persuade. They are the sign of a curious mind, a caring heart, and a confident personality. In our professional and personal lives they can make the difference between getting what we want and going without. By tapping into the powers of questions, people gain greater confidence, think more creatively, build morale, initiate and manage change, and develop stronger relationships and partnerships.
$501- $1000
Cavanaugh, Deb Express Yourself in Song (For the 2009 Summer Reading Program) Life Skills- Other,
Literature- Creative Writing,
Through the use of rhyming exercises and brainstorming techniques, groups of teens can work together on lyrics. If time permits, we will set those lyrics to music. A longer and more in-depth program can be arranged.
$351- $500
Basini, Lisa Carrot cake in a jar to give as a gift for the holiday's Life Skills- Other,
Literature- Other,
Carrot Cake in a jar to give as a gift for the holiday's -Mix ingredents to make the cake mix and give to a family member for the holiday's - includes all plus a great recipe for cream cheese frosting.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Pillow Cookies Life Skills- Food
Transform an ordinary cookie to create a soft and yummy pillow using fondant and butter cream icing.
$201- $350
Giouvalakis, Katherine Sharpie Tie Dye Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Have fun sparking a reaction making sharpie tie dye t-shirts, tote bags, aprons and more
$101- $200
Paul, LoriAnn Zinnia Presents Puppeteering Workshops! Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Puppetry
Zinnia (LoriAnn Paul) is a children’s entertainer, puppeteer and clown, as well as a certified yoga teacher. She enjoys creating custom workshops, which are as fun as they are educational! Zinnia is offering unique puppeteering workshops for students of all ages, which will teach students about the ancient art of puppeteering by allowing them to experience it firsthand! Furthermore, these workshops will help to improve students’ motor skills, increase their language and social skills, and help to develop self-confidence among other things. Students will have the rare opportunity to play with some of Zinnia’s beautiful professional puppets. They will also learn a variety of different puppeteering techniques such as gesturing with arm rods, puppet and voice manipulation, script writing, character development, creative role playing to help foster improvisation and collaboration skills, prop/costume design and construction, as well as set design and construction, and more! During these workshops, students will have the unique opportunity to write and perform original puppet plays of their own! Each student will develop a puppet character from the depths of her/his own imagination, and bring it to life. Depending on time allotted, students may create puppets of their own upon completion of the workshop(s).
$351- $500
Byers, Kathy TWO CHARACTERS' EDUCATION Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Puppetry
Lydia’s new CD: We All Have Lunch is also a 2012 Parents’ Choice Award winner. Yes, entertainers can be Characters, and so are each and every one of our kids! The song, Friends Forever, Kathy and Lydia wrote when they had a slight disagreement on where the next iPod recording should go in rehearsal. Sample Setlist: WHO WE ARE MAKES A DIFFERENCE HEY, IT’S MY TURN FOOD PANTRY FOREVER FRIENDS I AM SNAKE SO MANY WAYS TO BE SMART WHY DO TURTLES CROSS THE ROAD? WHAT CAN ONE LITTLE PERSON DO? WATER THE LUNCH SONG THE GOLDEN RULE STICKS THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO RAINBOW OF COLOR WHO WE ARE MAKES A DIFFERENCE
$351- $500
Basini, Lisa The Breakfast Club Life Skills- Food
Pancakes, Waffels, Hot Apples and Cinnamon, butter, Maple Syrup, Chocolate Syrup, Whip Cream, Sprinkles and Juice. Lot of fun, everyone will participate in making the breakfast from scratch.
$201- $350
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Records  251-260 of 488
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