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Long Island Science Center, The Place for Learning BATS Nature- Animals,
Are Bats blind? Can they hear? Enter the world of this unique nocturnal mammal. This hands-on program includes a slide presentation along with discussion of echolocation and the bat’s special function in our ecosystem. The Science Center’s very own “Echolocation Machine” demonstrates how bats locate their food. Students make a “bat” to take home. Wall or screen needed to show slides.
$201- $350
Hibbard, Kate Splash into Science Science
As part of the 2010 Summer Reading Programs, the MOST designed and performed a show called Splash into Science. We performed this show for all the libraries in Onondaga County. The show focused on the theme of water. The presenter used audience participation and science demonstrations to explore the science of splashes, friction, and phase changes. The audience was introduced to the wonder of liquid nitrogen and got to meet the museum's red-eared slider turtle.
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Leprechaun Secrets Science
It's time that someone exposed a few Leprechaun secrets! Learn how to uncover hidden rainbows, experience the magic of color-changing Leprechaun beads and fish for Leprechauns with green worms: discover Leprechaun eggs that appear and vanish in a blink of an eye. Listen to a story about Leprechauns; you will never doubt the existence of Leprechauns again. If your kids like St. Patrick's Day, they'll love these Leprechaun Science demonstrations and activities.
$101- $200
Ferrari, Johnda Balloon Science Nature- Environment,
Nature- Other,
People of all ages like to play with balloons. Let's take this natural enjoyment, add some imagination and combine inquiry to the world of science! How many ways can a balloon be inflated without using your mouth?Nature/Science detectives will investigate and demonstrate physical, chemical and biological properties using experiments with simple balloons. The sounds of laughter and balloon popping make this a fun experience for all!
$101- $200
Muhleman - Brown, Linda - Joanne Science on the Move - Illusions Science
Is it magic or is it science? Don't be fooled. Discover the science behind many illusions. Make your own illusions to take home. Grades 2-5
$101- $200
1, Mad Science Wacky Waves Science
Wacky Waves combines three demonstrations and three activities in this exciting introduction to one of life's fundamentals - water. Students will explore four facets of this fascinating substance: density, water as the universal solvent, water pollution and the dynamics of waves. Eggbert and Megg, our hard-boiled friends, will introduce and illustrate density. Since water is a universal solvent, we will explain the incredible phenomena of hydrophobic sand!
$201- $350
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Magnetic Magic (Hands-on Workshop) Other,
**Magnetic Magic** Investigate the power and daily uses of magnets. Learn about polarity, visualize magnetic fields, and learn how to magnetize ordinary metals. Find out how a compass works, and test a powerful electromagnet. Bring home the cool “Mad Science Magnet Lab”. Mad Science Enrichment Programs are fun explorations into science and technology, and they encourage informal learning through hands-on experience. All Mad Science workshops include a lot of fascinating equipment, supplies, and take-home materials which the children build themselves. The Mad Science mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining, and educational activities which instill a clear understanding of what science really is, and how it affects the world around them.
$101- $200
Kuhn, Lindsay Petting Zoo History,
Nature- Animals,
We offer a petting zoo of a variety of different heritage farm animals as an attraction at festivals, and celebratory events. This is a great addition to a summer reading kick off or finale! Animals are enclosed in a corral, and can be brushed, pet, braided, adorned with ribbons and bows, and fed treats in their buckets. Features creatures can be: miniature horse, sheep, goat, calf, peacock, chicken, turkey, goose, duck, etc. The program can be conducted indoors or out, and can be booked for an hour or all day. This is a great way to introduce people of all ages to the history of farming, various animals, and where food comes from, in a shorter more hands on format. This program is suitable for the 2014 Summer Reading Program.
$101- $200
Ceceri, Kathy Amazing Robotics Projects You Can Build Yourself Literature- Authors,
Visual Arts- Crafts
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects with an arts-and-crafts twist! Kids can build real working robots using their creativity and imagination. Three programs: Motorized ArtBots, Gravity-Powered Mini Robot Walkers, and bendable Robot Hands. All programs feature a talk about how robots work and a look at many of the other projects from my book, Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future. To see photos and videos of the projects visit my website,
$351- $500
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Let's Measure (Preschool Workshop) Other,
**Let's Measure** Preschoolers will learn the basics of measurement during this workshop when they get to measure all kinds of objects using balance beam scales, bathroom scales and even their own feet! Children will be introduced to the concept of estimation and take home a measuring foot to cut out with their parents. These are programs specifically designed for children ages 3 and 4, and take place at your location. Our only requirements are: a room that can be darkened if needed, with tables and chairs where the children can work comfortably; a small table to set up our equipment and access to water and electricity. The children perform experiments, participate in demonstrations and, for most workshops, there is a take home item for each child at the end of the program.
$101- $200
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Records  251-260 of 388
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