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Basini, Lisa Chocolate Pudding in A Cloud Parfait Life Skills- Food
Whip topping with shake and make chocolate pudding. Add fresh strawberries or bananas and chocolate syrup! MMMMMMM. Eat it in or if you can resist take it home!!
$201- $350
Harris III, Walter Finding Balance: Eastern Serenity Meets Western Activity Life Skills- Other,
Multicultural- Other,
Performing Arts- Other
A Cultural, Philosophical and Artistic presentation about what happens when East and West meet.From the East, The Way of Tao advises going and pausing on one's life-path. In the West, however, we are often told to keep going and going and... Through Zen stories, music, poetry, current events, discussion, and more, this presentation will share ways to help learn about and balance East and West within.
$101- $200
Tolliver, Lisa Financial Literacy: CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education) Program Life Skills- Finance,
“The American media has dubbed this program a “scared straight” credit program for students." CARE was designed by the Bankruptcy Community to teach the importance of financial education. CARE presentations make for great standalone financial literacy lessons; they are also great supplements to other financial literacy programs and can be made during individual classroom periods or to larger student groups, including assembly programs. CARE's primary target is HS "seniors and college freshmen who are most at risk because, as hungry consumers, they are aggressively marketed by the credit card industry at a time when they carry a very low Financial I.Q.” - (Source: PROGRAM COMPONENTS & TOPICS: A live presentation A 25-minute PBS39 Video Field Trip: “Taking Care of Your Credit” Discussions of the 6 video modules: (1)What is Credit?, (2)Finding Credit, (3)Pros and Cons of Credit Cards, (4)Spend It or Save It: You Choose, (5)Consequences of Bad Credit, (6)Using Credit Wisely Handouts and tools Exercises and activities that allow students to apply what they learned and that promote reflection Pre-Test and Post-Test Supplemental readings, resources and activities
$351- $500
NAKAGAWA, NAINI How To Teach Your Child To Meditate Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Life Skills- Parenting
A wonderful class on how to help your child to calm down and meditate. 7 simple steps for parents to learn for themselves and to teach their children. Relaxation, breathing techniques and visualization. Great class for parents !
$201- $350
Umans, Jackie 15 Ways to Zap a Bully! Life Skills- Parenting
Knowing what to do with a bully is always easier than knowing how to do it. My program shows kids (ages 5-11) how to deflect bullying in ways that take all the fun out of it for the bully. With parents in attendance for kids younger than 9, I solicit young volunteers to help me demonstrate a not very good way to handle a bully vs. a much better way. Kids never feel embarrassed to participate because I always let them take the winning role. At the end I explain the 5 W's of reporting a bully: who, what, when, where, and WITNESSES!
$201- $350
Hunt, Kathryn Senior Job Style Workshop Life Skills- Other,
Life Skills- Finance,
Media- Other
This program is designed for older adults with concerns regarding their career search in todays hi-style, tech-savvy world. Attendees will be learn about the online job search process and how to use technology to develop their wardrobe, resume and online persona as career tools.
$101- $200
Science, Wondergy CoolScience Life Skills- Food,
From fire to Liquid Nitrogen, explore the science of how we stay cool by evaporation. Hammer a nail into solid wood with a banana? Blow up a balloon... from the outside? Explore how matter changes from solid to liquid to gas with liquid nitrogen. At 320 degrees below zero, it's the coolest stuff around! TOPICS: Molecules, Thermal Motion, Heat Transfer, Evaporative Cooling, Air Pressure, Density, Physical Changes. CoolScience is often finished by making giant batches of ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen. Help us bring together fresh cream, milk, flavorings of your choice, and of course, liquid nitrogen to make the freshest homemade ice cream you've ever tasted!
$351- $500
Duprey, Rolande The Basket Case Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Puppetry
Children ask questions all the time. This show helps them to understand the nature of these questions -- WHERE? WHO? WHAT? HOW? WHY? are repeated in various ways within the scope of the story in order to give the children some usage memory. The concepts of INSIDE and OUTSIDE are also explored at length, with baskets sitting inside other baskets, and puppets coming OUT and going IN to baskets. The missing person in the story is the mother of a little puppet found deep inside one of the baskets. Ideas of LOSING, SEARCHING and FINDING are folded within the story. Because the story is performed live, with live songs and movement, the narrative offers many opportunities for young children to engage physically as well as verbally.
$351- $500
Blon, Maria Personality Types! Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other
Personality Types Using the Native American Four Directions and animal personalities, discover you, your friends and family’s personality types in a fun and playful atmosphere. Learn strategies to help all types of people to feel valued and purposeful!
$351- $500
Tuchfeld, Samantha Yogadventures Disability Awareness,
Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other
Yogadventures with Samantha Tuchfeld allow children,adults and families to come together and experience yoga. From learning poses to breathing with creative movement. Art, music, and stories are involved in the experience to give each participant a unique journey.
$101- $200
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Records  21-30 of 504
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