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Basini, Lisa Take and Bake A Carrot Cake Life Skills- Food
Make the batter for a delicious carrot cake to take home and bake
$201- $350
Wilson, Judy Bookworks Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Folk Arts,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Learn to design a blank paper book using a recycled cardboard cover and a simple binding pattern. Try a couple of different sizes and techniques; make these into journals for poems, thoughts or sketches. A wonderful skill to know!
$101- $200
Carpenter, Margot Thomas Comma; or, the Comma that Didn't Below Anywhere Life Skills- Other,
Media- Film,
Multicultural- Other
Thomas Comma (24 minutes), an animated film based on a story by poet Martha Baird, is the charming, humorous, and also sophisticated adventure of a lonely comma looking for the right sentence--that which truly represents him in this world. This 2D film will not only delight and inspire children and adults alike, but also encourage and educate them. "We're all of us like commas," wrote Ms. Baird, "looking for the right sentence." Following the film, Ken Kimmelman, Emmy Award winning filmmaker (, gives an exciting talk on the making of the film and its meaning.
$101- $200
Knight, Leonora Be a Friend, Not a Bully Interactive Concert Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
In this interactive concert students will sing together and take on roles of characters showing empathy, compassion, caring, perseverance, friendship and bullying. Exercises will be used to demonstrate welcoming and unwelcoming body language. The music and performing will add some excitement and levity to a very real and current issue. Children will love being on stage. Singing together is a very powerful uniting force! All music is original and fully orchestrated. Cue cards are used to help students sing along.
$351- $500
Shih, Patricia So You Want a Career in Music Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Other
This is a workshop for teens to teach them about the fun, fact, fiction, fantasies and frustrations of a life in music. The first part of the workshop will be Patricia speaking about the realities of a music career; the second will be performance coaching a la "American Idol". Participants will be invited to share one prepared song in front of the group; afterwards Patricia will offer gentle constructive suggestions to steer the participant towards a higher, more professional presentation.
$351- $500
Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Parenting
Are you raising your kids on biotech food? Is their fast food nano-tech? Gary Feldman, consumer food educator, and a forerunner in public education on organic and GMO food, focuses on the world of biotechnology and the creation of “new food.” At least 85% of the food in the U.S. is no longer grown naturally. Learn about genetically modified foods (GMOs) – not disclosed on food product labels. Are we filling our shopping carts with genetically modified food? We will learn what it is and its effects upon the human genome, people, animals, and the ecosystem. Learn how to identify GMO food and the crucial differences between conventional, organic, and GMO food. There are profound connections between today’s GMO “food” and DNA changes, allergies, chronic health conditions and disease. How is the new generation of food symbolized in some TV commercials? Gary will also address artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, the trans fat replacement, and “functional” foods. Come away with knowledge you can put to use instantly.
$201- $350
Hartwell, Meredith Blogs and Journals for Beginners Life Skills- Other,
Literature- Creative Writing,
Literature- Authors
In this workshop, we discuss the basics of beginning a journal or an online web-log (blog), including ethics and safety concerns facing young adults on the Internet.
$351- $500
Giouvalakis, Katherine Donate a Pillow (for community service hours) Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts,
Visual Arts- Other
Make a fuzzy, fleece pillow from scratch! No sewing involved!A variety of choices for both boys and girls (Flip Flop, Silly Monster, Football, and many more. Pillows will be donated to a shelter with children, Ronald McDonald house or librarians choice! Community service certificate given to participant!
$101- $200
Bivona, Paula Earth Friendly Gardening Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Nature- Gardening
For the NEW Gardener who is ready to get down and Dirty! Discussion will include topics such as: Garden planning, Site selection, Useful tools and techniques, Soil preparation, Plant selection and basic Earth Friendly garden management. Resource list and informative handout included.
$201- $350
Giouvalakis, Katherine Churros Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other
Learn how to make churros.
$201- $350
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Records  21-30 of 488
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