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Lagan, Constance Online Introductions: The New Blind Date Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
In the old days, single people often relied on friends and family to introduce them to potential partners. As we well recall, this introduction was greeted with a variety of emotions, from down-right fear to in-the-clouds excitement. It was known as the “blind date.” Today, the blind date is often replaced by online dating and what our friends and family often did for us in the past the computer now does. Whether you have been online for years, in the “should-I-really-do-this?” phase, or somewhere in between, this seminar provides you with information, caveats, step-by-step instruction and encouragement. Motivational speaker Constance Hallinan Lagan discusses the five top-rated online dating sites, photos, profiles and profile headers, winking versus e-mailing, phone conversations, the first meeting, conversation starters, online dating scams, and online dating safety tips.
$201- $350
Calamia, Maureen NEW! Introduction to Dowsing and Working with Energy Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Nature- Environment
In this workshop you will make your own set of dowsing rods and learn the basics of dowsing including working with human energy, energy from indoor spaces and with natural earth energy. We will have an overview of geopathic stress, how it affects your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and how you can detect it in your space. Most importantly, you will learn how your own energy affects everything you do and everyone and every space you come into contact with. Dowsing is an ancient practice, originally used (and still used to this day!) to detect water in the ground. However, the practice of dowsing is a pathway to learn about your spiritual self. Bring a pair of wire hangers that you’ll use to create your own rods.
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Valentine Bark Life Skills- Food
We will teach you how to make this old time favorite. Everyone goes home with the ones they made.
$201- $350
Sale, Michelle College Essay Workshop Life Skills- Other
The College Essay workshop is designed to teach college-bound high school students about the personal statement that most college applications require. The workshop reviews common questions that are asked, discusses "Do's and Don'ts" for the essay, and helps students begin thinking about what topics could work best for their own personal statements.
$101- $200
Tolliver, Lisa ACT Test Prep Life Skills- Other,
Achieve ACT Success! Learn what's on the ACT, differences and similarities between the ACT and SAT, strategies for improving your scores, and tactics for increasing your speed and accuracy. Professor Lisa Tolliver (AB Harvard, MBA+post-grad Columbia, NYS DOE Teaching License) has helped hundreds of students master the ACT and improve their scores. She works with large groups, small groups, and individuals, including honors students, speakers of ESL (English as a Second Language), students who have autism, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome, and students who are re-taking the test.
$1001- $3000
Montanye, Jeff Online Publishing Class Life Skills- Other,
Literature- Creative Writing,
Literature- Other
An iPower Class - Most of us have always wanted to publish a book or poems or family memoirs. Find out just how easy it is with online print-on-demand. Use software you already have on your computer and free software provided in the class to write your book. Your book will be available for sale on Amazon, Barns & Noble and other online shops the next day. This class will show you how.
$101- $200
Giouvalakis, Katherine DIY Painted Mugs Life Skills- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts,
Visual Arts- Other
Have fun using specific markers that won't wash away, scrapbooking letters and assorted designs to personalize a mug. They can monogram or design with flowers, words, stripes, and much more.
$101- $200
Basini, Lisa Pancakes In Pajama's Life Skills- Food
Create the pancakes of your dreams! We will make the pancakes and provide the beverages to be enjoyed in the library. What pancake would be complete without Chocolate syrup and whip cream?! So much fun!!
$201- $350
Montanaro, Lisa The Organized Family Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Parenting,
Life Skills- Other
The Organized Family Are you overwhelmed with all of the paperwork entering your family's home? Struggling to keep up with your busy fanily's schedule and stuff? If so, then this workshop, led by Certified Professional Organizer, Lisa Montanaro, is for you! Come learn effective methods for handling all of the paper coming into the home from school, work, PTA, mailbox, volunteer activities, etc. Develop systems for mastering the full-to-the-brim schedules of your family. Discover tried-and-true techniques that assist a busy family in maintaining order in the household.
$501- $1000
Basini, Lisa 3-D Winter Wonderland House Cake: Family Craft Life Skills- Food
Decorate a 3-D house cake to take home and enjoy. Create some snow and have some fun.
$201- $350
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Records  21-30 of 487
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