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Zupp, Brad The Feats of Memory Show (A) Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Students learn how to triple their ability to remember during one 45-minute assembly (even if they hate studying). Teaching the science of remembering using the performing arts. In this unique assembly, students learn HOW to remember! - Improve test scores, spelling, vocabulary, foreign languages and more. - Increase creative thinking and the ability to visualize as students use the three keys to unlocking their amazing memory abilities. - Boost test-taking confidence and classroom participation when students remember answers easier. - Students understand the science of how the mind forgets and the importance of homework, review and studying - Each performance can be customized for specific grade(s) and with examples of specific areas that need to be addressed as directed by faculty or parents. Available for grades 3 and higher. - This arts in education performance uses theatre, comedy and circus arts to demonstrate keys points and keep the students entertained as they learn - Amazing "feats of memory" impress the students as they see dozens of their names remembered instantly and a random 40-digit number that they provide is memorized in less than 60 seconds, right before their eyes More details, testimonials and a preview video at:
$501- $1000
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Adventures in Air (Preschool Workshop) Other,
**Adventures in Air** Preschoolers will learn that even though air is invisible it is all around them all the time. They will also learn that air has the power to both move items and to slow them down. They will also experiment with a variety of items that rely on the air to help them move, and they will put together their own airplane. These are programs specifically designed for children ages 3 and 4, and take place at your location. Our only requirements are: a room that can be darkened if needed, with tables and chairs where the children can work comfortably; a small table to set up our equipment and access to water and electricity. The children perform experiments, participate in demonstrations and, for most workshops, there is a take home item for each child at the end of the program.
$101- $200
Edgecomb, Diane Water Wizards! Nature- Marine Life,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Let’s go where the wet things are in this entertaining program with master storyteller Diane Edgecomb. We’ll act like CLAMS, JELLYFISH and LOBSTERS in the Native American legend: How Whales got their Spouts and explore the water cycle in Diane’s fun water conservation tale: What Now, Cloacina?!! Check under Diane’s Wizard hat and you may find the secret potion that ends every Water Wizards performance with instant FOG! Recommended for ages 4 and above.
$351- $500
Ferrari, Johnda Fun with Fossils Nature- Animals,
Nature- Other,
Nature Detectives will enjoy themselves working as paleontologists examining evidence of prehistoric life that once roamed the Earth. Uncover the link between the past and the present by comparing fossils with modern day animals. Using puzzles, posters and models, children will be engaged in classifying and identifying dinosaurs and fossils. After a craft project and a mini fossil dig, each child will take home an actual fossil to start or add to their collection.
$101- $200
Nature- Marine Life,
Meet some of the most influential Heroes of Paleontology, Geology & Oceanography while enjoying some of the coolest MUSEUM SPECIMENS on display at your Library. We'll introduce you to some famous and some little know but important figures like Charles Darwin, Mary Anning, Jacques Cousteau and Mary Tharp just to name a few. You'll see a highly interactive presentation with an AMAZING hands-on genuine FOSSIL DIG Kids will dig, find, and keep and take home some genuine fossils and/or seashells and more! Patrons will get a taste of the BEST OF all Three (3) of our themed programs (DINOSAURS ROCK, GEMS ROCK, OCEANS ROCK) that we've been bringing to schools, libraries, camps and places like the Bronx Zoo for 15 years! Call Us 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or e-mail us at
$351- $500
1, Mad Science The Science of Magic Science
How did they do that? It must have been magic! was the clever application of scientific knowledge! As an opener, students will be dazzled by magic with our disappearing rabbit... but is it really magic? We'll challenge them to employ their mind, body and all five senses to determine the explanation of our tricks! During this class they will see and try some of the most classic magic tricks - the Illusion Box,various handkerchief tricks and some newer tricks like Hydrophobic Experience.
$201- $350
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Harnessing Heat (Hands-On Workshop) Other,
**Harnessing Heat** Fast moving molecules are the main attraction in this exploration of energy and heat. We’ll show you how air behaves when heated or cooled, and launch a mini rocket launch to study the properties of heat. Learn about states of matter turning sugar into floss while making your very own cotton candy to eat! (Not recommended for groups with food allergies, diabetes, or kosher concerns) Mad Science Enrichment Programs are fun explorations into science and technology, and they encourage informal learning through hands-on experience. All Mad Science workshops include a lot of fascinating equipment, supplies, and take-home materials which the children build themselves. The Mad Science mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining, and educational activities which instill a clear understanding of what science really is, and how it affects the world around them.
$101- $200
Sears, Susan CSI in the kitchen Science
A mystery is brewing in Wonderland. Tea time treats are missing. Was it the Knave of Hearts? The Mad Hatter? The March Hare? Use chemical tests and your deductive powers to brew up a solution to the mystery. Or it's off with your head! This is a fun hands-on program using non-hazardous household chemicals.
$101- $200
Smith, Dr. Andrew J. The World of Fungi Nature- Environment,
Nature- Gardening,
A lecture and slide show about fungi identification and usage. Includes edible and toxic fungi and how to distinguish thema part, the different roles in anture played by fungi, and an overview to field guides and texts on the subject.
$201- $350
Sears, Susan Night Lights Science
Younger students: Become an 'After Dark' scientist and find out why some things have an eerie glow at night. Experiment with light sticks, go on a Ultra-Violet treasure hunt, and make your own 'Glow in the Dark' slime to take home. Older students: Become an 'After Dark' scientist and find out why some things have an eerie glow at night. Discover different types of Luminescence, experiment with light sticks, and make your own 'Glow in the Dark' slime to take home. This is a hands on science program.
$101- $200
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