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1, Mad Science Rocket Demo Science
The students will be introduced to the basic parts that make up every rocket. The discussion lays the foundation for the 3 parts of flight and the fundamental principles of rocket flight. To both illustrate and entertain, the children will be involved in a fun balloon-rocket race. With the science behind rockets covered, students will witness the preparation of a rocket for flight and will learn basic pre-launch safety procedures. They will then be brought outside to witness the grand finale - the launch of a model rocket from a launch-pad!
$201- $350
ROCK, DINOSAURS, GEMS and OCEANS DINOSAURS ROCK Fossil Adventure Nature- Animals,
Visual Arts- Crafts
We bring the museum to you! Giant exhibits & interactive, entertaining performance - 50+ life-size & genuine museum-quality fossils, 5-500 million years old. Students create original dinosaur art - 50 foot mural & interact with exhibit pieces. Topics: extinction theory, plant vs. meat-eaters, fossil formation..Act as paleontologist during fossil dig...take home genuine specimens like dinosaur bone, shark teeth... Ninth year. Seen by 1MM+. Clients include Bronx Zoo, National Geographic. Gems Rock Mineral Adventures, too.
$351- $500
Sears, Susan Water Magic Science
Explore how water can change materials in this hands on science activity. Through stories and hands on science activities your preschooler will learn to predict and observe change and understand the importance of water in our lives. Use your new knowledge to create a piece of unusual artwork.
$101- $200
Howell, Maggie Wolves of North America Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
Up-close encounter with Arctic Gray Wolf - "Atka", Ambassador of the Wolf Conservation Center Atka will visit your library, school, local nature center, or other qualified event, providing an awe inspiring experience with one of natures most magnificent, but misunderstood creatures. The first half of the program includes an overview about the mythology, biology and ecology of wolves; the history of wolves in the Northeast, and the status of wolf recovery in the United States. Atka visits for the second half of the program and we offer additional bio-facts and open it up for Q&A. Program can be tailored to meet curriculum requirements for science, biology, social studies, natural history and literature. The program is appropriate for all ages. Topics may include: Endangered Species, Predator/Prey Relationships, Food Webs, Human impact on the environment, Native American History and Literature (Julie of the Wolves, Never Cry Wolf, and Call of the Wild).
$501- $1000
Muhleman - Brown, Linda - Joanne Science on the Move - Illusions Science
Is it magic or is it science? Don't be fooled. Discover the science behind many illusions. Make your own illusions to take home. Grades 2-5
$101- $200
Long Island Science Center, The Place for Learning MEASURING BONES Nature- Animals,
Students examine and compare a variety of real animal bones. Using calipers, they will measure each bone and create a bar chart to take home. Together they reassemble a human skeleton model. Each student makes a necklace made of “sinew” and real animal bone to take home. 1st - 5th grade
$201- $350
Adams, Lori How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Media- Photography,
Nature- Animals,
In this author visit, Lori Adams, presents the story of the creation of the children’s non-fiction book “Triops – a very unusual creature” from the development of the idea, collaboration between two authors, research involved, raising of Triops, writing involved and layout and printing of the book. Using the book as an example, she will highlight the typical structures used by authors in non-fiction writing (table of contents, glossary, index etc.) She will highlight pages that illustrate non-fiction conventions in expository writing such as description, comparison, cause and effect, and problem and solution. Triops or other acquatic creatures will be displayed for observation. As the photographer, she will explain how she captured the life cycle of Triops from hatching eggs through death of these creatures in both her kitchen and professional studio. She will demonstrate how photographs are taken with a professional set. Using the digital process, she shoots directly to a computer and images are projected for all to see. She will explain how she selects photographs, and interprets draft text. Samples of close-up photography of other creatures – butterflies, caterpillars, newts are also presented. Images created during the visit will be emailed to the librarians.
$201- $350
Lazzarini, James PHENOMENON (mentalist show for adults) Performing Arts- Magic,
Performing Arts- Theater,
Phe•nom•enon (f∂ näm´∂ n∂ n) noun 1. Something experienced; a fact or occurrence that can be observed. 2. Something notable; something that is out of the ordinary and excites people's interest and curiosity. 3. A remarkable person or thing. 4. A new and exciting show created for the sophisticated expectations of a adult audience. Do you believe in ESP and power of the mind? An exciting show created for the sophisticated expectations of a young adult audience. Phenomenon is a presentation of profound and unbelievable events in a fast-paced, fun format. This one of a kind performance will make the audience the stars of the show. Amore utilizes the audience throughout the performance for astounding demonstrations of the mind and body incorporating psychology and parapsychology, body language, power of suggestion, hand writing analysis and misdirection. Predict lottery numbers, foresee the future, read people’s minds, see a demonstration of the human lie detector, sightless vision and more. Experience Phenomenon and you will believe. Phenomenon is a show that challenges an audience to discover the power of their own minds.”
$351- $500
Weaver, Bruce Superfluous Scientific Trivia Performing Arts- Puppetry,
Performing Arts- Other,
Superfluous Scientific Trivia A fun look at the world of science. Ventriloquist Bruce Weaver discovers that "Rocket Scientist" Edgar doesn't really know much about science So Bruce and the rest of pals show him some of the Fun Scientific Facts they have learned by reading books in the library. Shasta Petals (The SunFlower) will explain the amazing process of Photosynthesis. Stewart the Dragon will demonstrate what he has learned about meteorology. Audience volunteers will help demonstrate Physical and Chemical Changes in matter as well as the fact that our cells contain lots of Water. Other Cast members will explore ways we use science every day. The show, which includes ventriloquism, music, and magic, will run about 45 minutes and is geared for great family fun.
$351- $500
Mad Science, Mad Science of Long Island Dinosaurs (Hands-On Workshop) Other,
**Dinosaurs** Examine real fossil casts and explore the differences in the teeth of herbivores and carnivores. Students will participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and make a cast of a dinosaur tooth to take home. Mad Science Enrichment Programs are fun explorations into science and technology, and they encourage informal learning through hands-on experience. All Mad Science workshops include a lot of fascinating equipment, supplies, and take-home materials which the children build themselves. The Mad Science mission is to spark the imagination and curiosity of children everywhere by providing them with fun, entertaining, and educational activities which instill a clear understanding of what science really is, and how it affects the world around them.
$101- $200
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Records  21-30 of 388
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