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Muhleman - Brown, Linda - Joanne Science on the Move Traveling Museum Science
Children ages 5 and up and their families can spend an exciting hour exploring our unique museum. This program is a hands-on traveling science museum with over 60 exhibits and experiments. Topics include magnetism, animal tracking, physical science, illusions and much more. Exhibits contain both word and picture directions.
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Too far to Jump - Bridge Engineering Science
Bridges can cross rivers and canyons (and troll!s). But how do they do it, and what makes a bridge strong? Young engineers will use everyday materials to design bridges and compete to build the strongest, troll-proof bridge.
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Rainbow Water Science
Introduce your young scientist to the world of color and change. Encourage observation by exploring how colors can be combined and separated. Create your own colorful spinning top to take home.
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Water Magic Science
Explore how water can change materials in this hands on science activity. Through stories and hands on science activities your preschooler will learn to predict and observe change and understand the importance of water in our lives. Use your new knowledge to create a piece of unusual artwork.
$101- $200
Thompson, Liz Bats of Belize Nature- Animals,
The 98 bat species that call Belize home represent some of the most interesting bats found anywhere on the planet. Learn about fishing bats, tent-making bats, colorful fruit bats, and the most enigmatic bats of all—the vampire bats.
$101- $200
Thompson, Liz Bats! Nature- Animals,
Explore popular bat myths, meet bats from around the world, discover NYS bats and uncover the many ways in which bats help humankind. Multi-media program incorporates slides, models, echolocation recordings and audience participation. Kids get bat rings!
$101- $200
Tomecek, Stephen The Science of Sports Literature- Authors,
Performing Arts- Other,
Scientist and award-winning author Steve The Dirtmeister Tomecek takes a slightly serious look at the science behind many of the sports that kids love to play. The program features over a dozen interactive demonstrations which are safe enough for kids to try themselves. We begin with a look at athletes and why reaction time and hand-eye coordination is so important. We then explore the roles played by inertia, leverage, angular momentum, friction and gravity in everything from bowling and basketball to soccer and baseball!
$201- $350
Rakvica, Pattie Jewlery Design/Bead Making Science,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Students will be able to express their creativity in jewelry design. Students will be able to create and design various jewelry items. This class can compliment science studies of rock and minerals. Student will be interested to learn how we are surrounded by rock, minerals and gems in our everyday lives. Bead making is a hands on experience for girls and boys. Designing beads and creating an exciting piece of art (key chains and necklaces).
$351- $500
Tougias, Robert The Quest For The Eastern Cougar Nature- Animals,
Nature- Animals,
The cougar or Puma concolor once roamed free and wild all across the Northeast. It was extirpated from this region about 1890; however, ever since there have been sightings and even some field evidence. Yet local wildlife officials continue to tell us that they do not exist. In fact, the U.S. fish and Wildlife Service officially declared the species extinct here this spring. Only a month later, a 140 pound male cougar was struck and killed in Milford, Connecticut. If they are extinct then why do so many people see them and how do you explain the recent kill? Robert Tougias will answer this question and discuss the future of the large carnivore here in New England. The program will last forty five minutes and will be followed by questions. "I will be discussing the history and extirpation of the eastern cougar with slides of historical interest,the debate over whether or not cougars live here and the question of reintroducing cougars back into our woodlands..."
$201- $350
Baldwin, Daryl Outer Space Balloon Extravaganzas Performing Arts- Other,
Visual Arts- Other
Created in front of their eyes, children and parents will be amazed and amused at the fast paced seriously dramatic Balloon twisting of Certified Master Balloon Artist Daryl Baldwin from Balloon Extravaganzas in upstate NY.
$201- $350
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Records  21-30 of 387
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