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Petrella, Joan Happy Birthday, Robert and Samuel Literature- Poetry,
Literature- Creative Writing,
This program will feature the music of Robert Schumann and Samuel Barber in the form of art song and piano pieces along with readings of letters written to and received from their significant others, Clara Schumann and Giancarlo Menotti. There will also be a discussion surrounding the poetry chosen as lyrics.
$201- $350
Morse, Andy DIG INTO READING WITH SONG Literature- Authors,
Nature- Animals
Andy's 2013 program Dig Into Reading with Song is an interactive musical journey using songs and story books at the same time. Many different stories will be sung while volunteers take turns turning the pages. Call and response songs, movement, rhyme and much more will be covered.
$351- $500
Productions, Dream Jam Barry G and Ramblin' Davey Music Show Music
Barry G and Ramblin' Davey perform favorite tunes from their children's albums, Huh Uh, on myKazoo Universal Music and The Dream Jam Band. Their dynamic, participatory show has children on their feet dancing, acting like animals, playing instruments on a very special train and much more....Their musicality and humor have children and parents laughing, singing and jamming together.
$351- $500
Muhlenbruck, Cara Tranquillity Flute and Guitar Duo Music
"Tranqullity" is a flute and guitar duo. We play everything from classical to jazz to popular music. Our website is: Please take a listen to our recordings! You can also view our DVD at this you tube link: We can provide you with various references if needed!
$201- $350
Durst, James WORK O' THE WEAVERS: Celebrating America's Pioneering Folk Quartet History,
Multicultural- Other,
WORK O' THE WEAVERS celebrates Pete Seeger's lifetime legacy, Lee Hays' (1914-1981) Centenary & The WEAVERS' inestimable contribution to our collective musical consciousness. Beginning in 1950 with their 2-sided hit, Tzena Tzena & Goodnight Irene, The WEAVERS (Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Ronnie Gilbert & Fred Hellerman) ignited popular interest in folk music. With a freshness & exuberance not heard before, they enjoyed surprising success until being caught up in the Cold War anti-communist witchhunts of McCarthyism and HUAC, blacklisted & driven from the stage in 1952 at the height of their popularity. Their triumphant 1955 Carnegie Hall reunion concert & Vanguard LP of the event gave heart to a generation, kindling the 'folk boom' of the '50s & '60s, providing a foundation upon which virtually every subsequent folksinger would build. WORK O' THE WEAVERS recalls their timely story & timeless songs. Faithful to the Weavers' original arrangements, WORK O' THE WEAVERS' (James Durst, David Bernz, Martha Sandefer & Mark Murphy) includes the beloved songs, as well as some the Weavers might be singing today. An edifying narrative interweaves throughout, supported by PowerPoint visuals. More than a tribute, it's an affectionate homáge. Rousing, refreshing & relevant!
$1001- $3000
Tranchina, Gabriele Jobim- The father of the Bossa Nova Music
Antonio Carlos Jobim in not only a wonderful Brazilian composer but also ground breaking in the development of Brazilian jazz. He invented the famous Bossa Nova; a slow samba beat, with lyrics filled with melancholy. This program honors Jobim and talks about his life. We will present famous hits like “The Girl from Ipanema”, “Wave”, “Corcovado” and “Dindi”as well as songs that are not so well known like “A felicidade” “O morro nao tem vez” and “So Danço samba.” Some of the songs selected will be sung in Portuguese.
$201- $350
Cavanaugh, Deb Be Creative: Create a Song! (For the 2009 Summer Reading Program) Life Skills- Other,
Literature- Creative Writing,
After warming up our voices and creative juices with rhyming songs such as Down By the Bay and others, we will work collaboratively to create our own song.
$351- $500
Holder, Chris Fin Fur and Feathers Music,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater
YIKES! A tummy full of animals, plus tales of bears, crabs, frogs and more! Wild songs and participatory stories for the young set and their parents. Includes All God's Critters Got A Place In The Choir.
$501- $1000
!, briz ROCKIN' & READING Literature- Creative Writing,
Media- Other,
Children help me write a song about their library, school or popular book, including chords, melody, lyrics and song title. When finished the kids will perform the song, which I record, master and copy at the conclusion of the show and make the finished CD available to each Library. This program utilizes a number of talents, writing, art and graphic art( for the CD label), music theory, application, production and performance.
$201- $350
Lamont, Mary Country Music with Mary Lamont Band Music
Get ready for some serious toe-tappin’ with International Alt-Country Star Mary Lamont! The Mary Lamont Band was the first American country band to tour Mainland China and has given concerts for many summers at the Jones Beach Boardwalk Bandshell, as well as numerous other prestigious venues. The band will perform a concert of upbeat original songs, as well as traditional and contemporary country selections. Born and raised in rural Canada, Mary was three times voted Band of the Year by the New York Metro Country Music Association and Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year by the New Jersey Country Music Association. Mary and husband Jim are recipients of the ASCAP Plus Popular Music Awards. Her reviews everywhere have been excellent and her show’s been called “a real treat” and “a must-see for fans of contemporary country music.” Newsday called Mary the “Queen of Long Island Country” and included her in a cover story on the best area summer concerts, and gave her CD a triple-A rating. People of all ages will have a great time at this energetic, fun concert.
$501- $1000
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Records  21-30 of 780
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