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Basini, Lisa Pizza Scones Life Skills- Food
The Baking Coach will transform scones into everyone's favorite food - Pizzza!!
$201- $350
Giouvalakis, Kathy Marshmallow Pops Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other
Demonstrating different ways of decorating marshmallow pops using white and milk chocolate and lots of goodies. Participants will bring them home in a decorated box. Class can be themed for certain holiday or season.
$201- $350
Lagan, Constance Thanks for the Pink Slip: The Upside to Being Downsized, Fired, Let Go, Laid Off, Eliminated, Terminated, Etc. Life Skills- Other,
Whatever your boss calls it, you’ve been fired. Instead of holding the infamous “pity party,” try hosting a celebration bash. After all, you are now FREE to explore new possibilities, perhaps find a job you really could love, finish that screenplay you started in college, join the Peace Corp, or follow your passion into a self-employment venture. Consider the statistic: The unemployment rate ranges between 8 and 9% and that does not include those whose unemployment benefits have run out, those who have not held a job long enough to qualify for unemployment benefits, and the seniors who have stopped looking after being beaten down by ageism. Your chance of finding employment in the current economy is not good. With the assistance of career counselor Constance Hallinan Lagan, this seminar may enable you to transition into the life you have always dreamt about.
$201- $350
Kolarik, Frank Character Education Presentations Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Listen Up Safety Services provides informative, engaging, and entertaining multimedia character education presentations that hit home for students, helping them discover the information that they really need in order to stay safe and out of trouble. Popular presentations include: Internet Rights and Responsibilities, Bullying, “Don’t Be a Rat?” Dealing with strangers, Substance abuse, and “S.O.S. Serving Our School.” In each presentation, students critically reflect on, interpret and discuss their understanding of the issues through stories, video clips, current events, and role-plays, connecting these to their own lives and to society as a whole. Students have the opportunity to interact and communicate their ideas and feelings through expressing their own experiences, telling their stories, and role-playing. For more information check out
$351- $500
Montanye, Jeff Digital Photography Class Life Skills- Other,
Media- Photography
A short version of our digital photography training classes designed for Libraries and other organizations. This class teaches the ground rules of digital photography including tips and techniques to improve your photographs. You’ll learn about techniques such as rule of thirds and depth of field. The class also covers some of the features built into your camera and how to use them. You’ll learn which features will improve your pictures and which ones to avoid. We’ll cover white balance, zoom, flash, focus, ISO, scene settings and more. Each participant will have the opportunity to bring in photos for class critiquing. The class runs 2 days for two hours each day. Beginner photographers are welcome and any type of digital camera can be used.
$201- $350
Stelljes, Eileen Child's Play - 18th Century Lecture and Demonstration Health & Fitness- Sports,
Life Skills- Other
Presented in 18th Century period dress. Brief history of toys and play in the 18th Century, includes display and explanation of a variety of indoor and outdoor toys and games. Alphabet Squares, Posture Master Alphabet, Spelling Squares, Mancala and a sailor's game of Shut the Box are featured. Also includes more familiar Jacks, Dominoes, Ball and Cup, Checkers, Marbles, and Nine Pins. Then, it is time for children (and adults) to play games of their choice!
$101- $200
Giouvalakis, Kathy Perfect Pedicures by Mrs. Kathy Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
Licensed Nail Technician and State Nail Examiner available to educate your tweens and young adults about the proper care and grooming of their feet and toenails. Pedicure kits are provided to each participant. The kit includes: foot basin, emory board, pumice block, orangewood stick, toe separators, nail polish, and nail decorations (rhinestones and decals). All kits are 100% new and sanitary. They will be taught how to pedicure, decorate and care for their feet. There will be a demonstration and then they will be given the opportunity to practice their new skills.Superhero or Patriotic theme for summer reading 2015.
$201- $350
DeLuca, Michael Internet Safety Workshop Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other,
A dynamic Power Point Presentation designed to teach children in grades 4-6 skills to safely navigate the Internet. On-line lures and cyber-bullying are discussed.
$351- $500
Deaner, Don Live your passions and follow your dreams! Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other
What stops us from following our dreams? What prevents us from living a passionate and fulfilling life? Is it fear? Too young? Too old? Maybe it’s a lack of time or money or maybe is it simply not in the cards for us. No matter what you think the reasons are, we all can have and deserve an amazing life. Using PowerPoint, handouts and motivational speaking, I explore life balance, fears, goals and what they are comprised of, and the importance of being happy and following one’s dreams.
Up to $100
Basini, Lisa 3-D Winter Wonderland House Cake: Family Craft Life Skills- Food
Decorate a 3-D house cake to take home and enjoy. Create some snow and have some fun.
$201- $350
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Records  201-210 of 514
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