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Long Island Science Center, The Place for Learning THOSE NASTY GERMS Life Skills- Other,
Germs, Germs everywhere! Why do they make us sick? Learn how easily germs are spread. Follow the path of germs in your classroom using Glogerm and black lights. Fight the spread of germs by learning proper hand washing techniques and check your hands under our “Germ Detector”. A unique experience! Pre-K - 3rd grade
$201- $350
Gertsacov, Adam Exploring With Henry Hudson History,
Performing Arts- Theater,
In this exhaustively researched show by actor, director, and performer Adam G. Gertsacov, Henry Hudson comes to life in a thrilling re-telling of his adventures on the high seas. Full information at The show imagines Hudson having just returned from his fateful third voyage and giving a presentation to “investors” (the audience) about his fourth voyage to continue his quest for the Northwest Passage to China. Through the course of the show, audience members will have the opportunity to “join” his crew, learn a sea shanty, learn how to navigate using state of the art sixteenth century instruments, and hear his thrilling tale of landing in the New World and visiting this strange new island named Manna-Hatta. At the end of the performance, audience members are encouraged to ask Henry any questions they like about his rich and varied life as a sea captain, explorer, navigator, and Elizabethan gentleman. Hudson lived during the age of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, Galileo, El Greco, and Queen Elizabeth. This 40 minute educational performance is suitable for all ages, and is available for extensive touring during the Henry Hudson Quadricentennial (Summer 2009).
$501- $1000
Smith, Dr. Andrew J. The Art of Tracking History,
Nature- Animals,
The history and practice of tracking is explained by a pracitioner of the art. Basic theory and tools will be explained and followed by a hands-on instruction in the field.
$201- $350
Muhleman - Brown, Linda - Joanne Science on the Move - Under the Sea Science
Discover what caused that yucky foam in the ocean and other mysteries under the sea. Learn about some fascinating creatures that live in our oceans. Make a craft to take home. Grades 1-5
$101- $200
Reynolds, Jackie Science & Educational Magic Performing Arts- Magic,
Performing Arts- Puppetry,
A clown/magician/ventriloquist and a Chemical Engineer? Yes! Bee Bee the Clown and/or Jackie the Magician brings science to summer reading. Just imagine the possibilities! She encourages kids to understand the magic of the world with a science explanation. This interactive magic show is a great example for young people of an unconventional career path.
$201- $350
Science Stories, Amy Gargiulo Science Stories Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Discover the Science in Every Story with Science Stories Science can be found in every story your child reads. Some scientific concepts are apparent, while others are hidden deeper within the pages of the story. During a Science Stories workshop, your child will be entertained through reading their favorite stories, then educated through a hands-on scientific experiment or a demonstration of a scientific concept found within the story. We will bring our Science Stories workshops right to your door! Each workshop is created to meet the educational standards and interests of children in Grades 3-6. All workshops can be modified for younger grades. Book a workshop for your library, elementary school, after-school center or camp today.
$101- $200
Michael Salvarezza, Christopher Weaver, Building a Legacy: A Profile of the New York Harbor School Nature- Marine Life,
Nature- Environment,
The Harbor School is one of 581 high schools in New York City but it is arguably one of the most distinctive. In addition to the traditional curriculum common to all schools in the city, the Harbor School offers specialized studies in various marine fields: ocean engineering, marine systems technology, vessel operations, marine biology research, aquaculture, and professional diving. Tenth grade scientific diving students learn to scuba dive, and all graduates from the school are well positioned for further education in these fields or entry-level jobs in a wide variety of capacities. It is the only public high school in the United States that offers a scientific diving program recognized by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences. Learn how this school is building a legacy by inspiring young people from the inner city to connect with the local environment through a forward looking project to repopulate the waters around New York City with native oysters, and how they are growing the divers of the future through their dedicated marine sciences curriculum. The school serves as an example of how this can be done in every community in the United States.
$201- $350
Sears, Susan Too far to Jump - Bridge Engineering Science
Bridges can cross rivers and canyons (and troll!s). But how do they do it, and what makes a bridge strong? Young engineers will use everyday materials to design bridges and compete to build the strongest, troll-proof bridge.
$101- $200
Boyer, Jeff The Attainable Sustainable Energy Show Performing Arts- Theater,
Visual Arts- Other
The Attainable Sustainable Energy Show Kids discover the power of earth, wind and sun! Jeff Boyer engages and "wows" while inspiring excitement in renewable energy. Gripping experiments and visual effects transform wind, solar, bio-fuel and geothermal energy into usable “green” power. A mild-mannered scientist turns “eco-man” as kids help him generate the fun. It’s educational energy! Jeff's science shows and web study guides effectively supplement and boost your science curriculum. Prepare students for the energy sources of the future.
$351- $500
Beltrani, Susan Got Flubber? Science
The magic of chemistry right in your hands! Combine a known substance with other molecules to create a new substance....Flubber! Using everyday substances and household materials, participants make a stringy, bouncy creation while exploring states of matter, molecules, polymers and chemical reactions. Participants take home their creation!
$101- $200
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Records  141-150 of 391
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