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Miller, Paul The Science of Awesome Health & Fitness- Other,
Performing Arts- Juggling,
Interactive comedy juggling show exploring science concepts such as spin, balance, and fall, while motivating audiences to set goals and learn awesome skills.
$501- $1000
Science, Wondergy SoundScience Disability Awareness,
Experience music and sound as you’ve never seen or felt it before! Turn your voice into a giant laser show. Play with unique instruments, including a Laser Harp and a PVC Xylophone, and get tickled with sound with a huggable speaker. Learn about hearing loss and other ways Deaf people can still experience sounds. TOPICS: Waves, pitch, volume, sound in air, harmony, adding waves, filtering waves, human speech. A hands-on activity making working speakers can finish-up this show!
$351- $500
Roben, Terri Minding Our Mother Earth Music,
Nature- Environment,
We'll learn through songs some basic environmental facts and fun things to know. Like the fact that we are made up of mostly water, just like our planet. And what a habitat is, and what a water cycle is. We'll find out how everything is connected. We'll look at things we like that come from the earth, and maybe even play some instruments that are made of those things. We'll look a little differently at what gets called garbage, but can really be reduced, reused or recycled!
$101- $200
Dayan, Nomi Sounds of the Night Music,
Nature- Animals,
Explore how whales and nocturnal animals use the amazing world of sounds to get around in the dark. Touch a whale earbone and test your own ears by trying hands-on sound experiment stations with tuning forks, vibrating shakers, and other instruments. Create your own musical instrument.
$101- $200
Cain, Ron Fizztastic Science Magic Show Performing Arts- Magic,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Watch children erupt into laughter and applause when Doctor VolCaino appears! Magician Ron Cain turns into a silly scientist for his new Fizztastic Science Magic Show, inspired by the summer reading theme, 'Fizz, Boom, Read! He performs illusions that celebrate science and highlight great scientists like Einstein and Edison. Plus, he encourages families to visit the library and read about his lab-coated heroes. Ron also teaches scientific principles behind the tricks of his trade in a Scientific Secrets of Magic workshop. Children learn simple magic tricks that involve chemistry, physics, biology, psychology and math. The former teacher and Syracuse University alum has specialized in educational magic since 1988. Children are active participants in shows related to reading, history, science, geography and ecology. Students also do hands-on activities that foster learning and self-esteem in his one-hour magical workshops. Ron also performs at schools, libraries, festivals, recreation programs and businesses year-round. His family-friendly, 45-minute magic shows are the highlight of special events & holiday celebrations. He even offers entertainment packages that include strolling magic and balloon sculptures.
$201- $350
Long Island Science Center, The Place for Learning RIVER ECOLOGY Nature- Environment,
Using buckets, students draw water samples from the Peconic River directly behind the Long Island Science Center or your site. They test for turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and examine macro-organisms under a microscope. Using their findings students will assess water quality and discuss the negative effects of environmental factors on a river. 6th - 8th grade.
$201- $350
Long Island Science Center, The Place for Learning BE A SCIENTIST (States of Matter) Science
Explore the states of matter in a creative lab setting. Presentation allows students to differentiate between solids, liquids and gases. Children make polymer “Phlubber” and start a crystal garden to take home. Experimentation culminates in the production of a particularly tasty crystallized concoction, better known as ice cream. (At your site Crystal gardens are demo garden for classroom only.)
$201- $350
Biss III, Joseph Exotic Animals Nature- Animals,
Live Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, etc. from all over the world are shared with the audience. The group is told of the animal’s life history and their importance in nature. I also discuss the animal’s interaction with people – both good and bad. Usually six to eight animals are shown and discussed with 30 years of hands on and 25 years of teaching experience. Please check out my web page for more details.
$101- $200
Ferrari, Johnda PLANTastics- The World of Plants Nature- Environment,
Nature- Gardening,
Take a deep breath.Have you thanked a plant today? Leaves, seeds, and flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.Young botanists will examine structures,special adaptations and uses of plants by humans and animals.Hands-on activities and take home projects for all! Leave with a smile and a green thumb!
$101- $200
Sears, Susan Too far to Jump - Bridge Engineering Science
Bridges can cross rivers and canyons (and troll!s). But how do they do it, and what makes a bridge strong? Young engineers will use everyday materials to design bridges and compete to build the strongest, troll-proof bridge.
$101- $200
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Records  111-120 of 387
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