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Carpenter, Margot "The Heart Knows Better": Changing Prejudice to Kindness Life Skills- Other,
Media- Film,
Multicultural- Other
Learn where racism begins and how it can end, during a film and talk presentation by award winning filmmaker Ken Kimmelman. View 3 short films by Mr. Kimmelman, the Emmy Award winning public service film "The Heart Knows Better"; "Brushstrokes," an anti-prejudice film commissioned by the UN; and "What Does a Person Deserve?" a celebrated film against homelessness and hunger. The films are part of an interactive presentation about how the philosophy Aesthetic Realism, founded by American educator Eli Siegel, can change prejudice to kindness. His statement is the basis for "The Heart Knows Better": "It will be found that black and white man have the same goodnesses, the same temptations, and can be criticized in the same way. The skin may be different, but the aorta is quite the same."
$101- $200
Basini, Lisa Special Meal and a Movie Night Life Skills- Food
You provide the movie and we can supply the meal of your choice: *Pasta Night: Tossed salad, Penne Pasta Alfredo or mock Ala Vodka and Cannoli's for dessert. *Mexican Fiesta: Fresh Hot Quesadilla's, Tacos and Fruit salsa with chips for dessert. *Sunday Brunch or Saturday Munch: Yogurt and Fruit Bar, Cheese and Crackers, assorted Fresh Hot Muffins and Pancakes served with syrup and butter.
Up to $100
Bivona, Paula The Tea Garden Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Food,
Nature- Gardening
Grow your own Tea Garden! Learn about the healthful properties of Herbal Teas with Tips on Growing, Harvesting, Drying, Blending, Preparing & Packaging your Herbal Tisanes! Herbal refreshments included.
$201- $350
Bazzicalupo, Susan Fun Foods Life Skills- Food
Participants will Learn to create different foods suitable for parties, holidays etc. Examples: create a frog out of apples, a father's day lawn mover cupcake, a snowman pretzel, etc.
$101- $200
Basini, Lisa Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Covered Strawberries Life Skills- Food
What can be better? Chocolate, Cheesecake and Strawberries! Make this delicious treat and take it home to share with that special someone!
$201- $350
Tolliver, Lisa SAT/PSAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Test Prep Life Skills- Other,
Multicultural- Other,
SAT Success! Learn what's on the SAT, differences and similarities between the SAT and ACT, and strategies for improving your scores and increasing your speed and accuracy. Professor Lisa Tolliver (AB Harvard, MBA+post-grad Columbia, NYS DOE Teaching License) has helped hundreds of students master the SAT and improve their scores. She works with large groups, small groups, and individuals, including honors students, speakers of ESL (English as a Second Language), students who have autism, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome, and students who are re-taking the test.
$1001- $3000
Blon, Maria New Perspectives Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Other
New Perspectives Learn to look at your life challenges with a new perspective. Using meditation, movement and motivation in a supportive community, you will learn to transform challenges into opportunities! •Introductions •Everyone writing a challenge that they have in their life, folding it and putting it on the clothesline. •We read the story, "The Ragged Peddler" by Flavia Weedn and Lisa Weedn Gilbert. •I lead everyone in a short guided meditation. •Each person shares what they experienced. •We break into groups to do an activity about perspective using my Inspiration Cards. •Each group shares what they created. •We form a circle and take turns making up movements to go with music. •We watch, "No Arms, No Legs, No Worries", an inspirational 4 minute video •Sharing of learning and what each person will bring into their life.
$101- $200
Kuhn, Lindsay Traveling Farm Life Skills- Food,
Nature- Animals,
Smoke Ridge Organics is a fully operating organic farm located in Rochester, NY. Our animals participate in an on farm petting zoo and have toured several libraries and schools around the state. I bring a miniature horse, calf, sheep, goat, pig, angora rabbit, peacock, turkey, chicken, duck, and quail; along with anything else that is new or fits in the trailer. Most of our animals are heritage breeds, there is an explanation of the history of the breed, how the animal benefits the farm, what products come from the animal, and general care and management. Kids can pet the animals learn to handle them. This program is suitable for the 2014 summer reading program.
$101- $200
Basini, Lisa Apple Turnovers Life Skills- Food
Bring your rolling pin and we will provide the rest. Learn how to make this classic treat using sweeet dough and lots of fresh apples. Everyone goes home with 3 apple turnovers ready to be baked in the oven.
$201- $350
Feingold, Rick How to Buy a Car Life Skills- Finance,
Life Skills- Other,
Stop being hassled when you shop for a car. Learn about the hidden incentives such as factory-to-dealer rebates and holdbacks that enable dealers to sell their vehicles at dealer invoice or less. Savvy consumers use the internet to force dealers to bid for their business when buying a car—you can, too. We will discuss how to find sources of FREE information on dealer invoice costs, how to make an offer, selling/trading in your present car, and controlling the negotiations. Included is how to locate professional buying services to represent the buyer during the bargaining process. Rick Feingold is a consumer advocate with over 25 years experience presenting this seminar. MBA, Penn State University. BA, Rutgers University.
$101- $200
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