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Program name: The Works of Pete Seeger - Another Ground Breaking Troubadour
Program category: History
Performing Arts- Other
Program length: 45 - 75 minutes
Audience level: All ages
Audience size: 10 -400
Program description: Spook has had the privilege to perform alongside Pete several times per year at concerts and festivals since the two met in 2003. Along the way, Spook has learned a lot of Pete's favorite songs and the stories behind them. He's even contributed verses to one of Pete's newer songs and sang on his latest CD. Pete Seeger will turn 94 on May 3, 2013. This program looks at the legacy, struggles, songs and stories of one of Americas most beloved folk singers - the man who gave us If I Had a Hammer, Turn, Turn, Turn, and Waist Deep in the Big Muddy. An excellent program for Festivals, Libraries, Arts Centers, Churches, Schools and other meeting places.An excellent program for Libraries, Arts Centers, Churches, Schools and other meeting places. Pete Seeger covers some of Spook's songs and the two perform together several times per year. Visit for more info on the artist and other programs and workshops.
Space/special requirements: One table - one armless chair
Travel restrictions: None
Program fee: $501- $1000
Is this fee negotiable? Yes
Mileage included? Yes
Notes about the fee: Fee can actually be more or less depending on factors including: whether I perform solo, duo or trio; or any of a long list of Budgets Savers.
Other notes: Budgets Savers (Ways to reduce fee) include: * Block booking - i.e. booking multiple libraries in area * Multiple bookings - e.g. a children's or seniors program in the day and adult program in the evening. * CALL ME FOR MORE IDEAS.
Regions this program
can be performed in:
South Central
Capital District
North Country
Long Island
Program last updated: 03/21/2013
Performer Information (see all of this performer's programs)
Stage name: Spook Handy
Performer name: Spook Handy !
Phone: 732-418-1340
Mailing address: 109 Nichol Ave #B
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
E-mail address:
Previous appearances at: Festivals and Concerts with Pete Seeger, Libraries All over New Jersey, Utah, Idaho, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, House Concerts around the country, Arts Centers, Schools, House Concerts, Concert Halls, Radio and Television, Senior Centers, Adult Venues, Childrens Venues, Family Venues, Special Needs Venues, Seniors Venues
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Performer information last updated: 03/21/2013


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